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Jhandi Munda (also known as Crown or Anchor) is a dice game that was originated and played across the northeastern parts of India. It’s a form of a street game that involves multiple dice engraved with unique and specific symbols on them. The simple layout of the game involves players betting on the symbol that appears the most amount of time, in a single roll.

India is a fascinating country with a lot of unique elements attached to it. The country hosts a variety of practices, cultures, and ethnicity of the people.

However, this is not just limited to people’s lifestyles, but also in their gaming and gambling culture as well.

Out of the many forms of gambling games that are played all across this subcontinent, the few favorite games of most people in India are Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and Jhandi Munda. Maybe most of the casino players might know of the first two games, but probably not Jhandi Munda.

The best aspect of online casinos is that this age-old game can now be enjoyed virtually as well! Jhandi Munda can now be found in an online casino where players can enjoy this unique game. However, in many online casinos, this game might be advertised as “Anchor” or even “Crown”.

Seven Jackpots allows players to learn more about this unique game and help them get acquainted with the rules, strategies, and even the varieties of Jhandi Munda that are available on the internet today. We also help players to learn more about the legal aspects of playing Jhandi Munda as well!

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Jhandi Munda – a traditional game with a modern twist

Ideally, Jhandi Munda has always been associated with street play. It has also been practiced in the leisure of one’s home as well. However, it is surprising to believe that an age-old game is now being enjoyed virtually as well – thanks to its massive popularity among players in the country.

When experienced in the traditional way, this game is usually played along with friends and family, and usually incorporates little to no skill on the part of the player. A little strategy might be applicable at times along with some variations in the game, but it has always been associated with one’s luck.

However, with the number of variations available in the online version, players will have to incorporate more than “chance” to win substantially in the game.

The sheer number of varieties offered on online platforms, along with the bigger bet amounts involved, players will now have to use statistics to ensure a better position in the gameplay. Playing Jhandi Munda over on an online platform has several advantages as well. Firstly, it’s safe and legal to play it online.

The online platforms are governed by legal strictures that make it safe to play there. All game earnings and proceedings can rest assured, and be credited to the winner at all times.

Another advantage of an online platform is that players get the chance to experience the game without having to invest at all. The free versions allow players to get acquainted with the game, before investing time and money in a real game of Jhandi Munda.

The sheer number of tables available in online platforms also allows players to shift between them – if in case they feel that a particular table setting isn’t favouring their luck in the gameplay.

Online Jhandi Munda can now be enjoyed on one’s mobile phone as well. This allows players to access the game anywhere and at anytime!

The other major advantage of playing Jhandi Munda on online platforms is that it could be enjoyed from the comforts of one’s home as well. No more do players have to step outside to experience the thrill of the game. All these factors add up to prove that Jhandi Munda online can really help players win substantially in within a decent period of time.

Want to learn more about its advantages? Online Jhandi Munda also allows players to adjust their bet size and volumes to suit their capacities and needs. That is also associated with the fact that players can view the hot and cold numbers to help them strategize their gameplay accordingly!

How to play Jhandi Munda with real bets and money?

Jhandi Munda is offered across a number of online platforms and online casino operators. However, you can always find the best spots from our carefully curated lists of the best online casinos.

Our detailed curation has allowed us to pick only the best platforms that offer legal gameplay and are governed by strict gambling regulations.

The most that players will have to do is to visit our site and search for the game in our lists. The online casino allows players to sign up with their email ids and players can instantly start playing Jhandi Munda as well.

Most of the online casinos allow players to adjust their betting size and volumes as well. Some casinos allow players to schedule their gameplay as well.

However, one major advantage for Indian players is that many casinos now offer this game on their online platforms, that could be accessed with INR currency as well!

This section explicitly lists out the legal aspects of playing Jhandi Munda at online casinos. Players might also learn about the basic rules and layout of the game, along with the basic strategies involved in this game. Lastly, variations and the winning potential has also been explained for the benefit of the players as well.

There are no legislatures that have been designed to initiate a discussion on the legality of playing the game, both on online as well as in real life. Since the game had originated in Arunachal Pradesh, it has been deemed legal to play the game within the state. However, not all states make it legal for people to play this game.

Nevertheless, Jhandi Munda can still be played in one of the casinos that have been listed by us. These trustworthy online operators provide the perfect opportunity for players to realise their dream potential!

The legality of casino gaming has been based on the fact that games that require skill, can be played in Indian casinos namely Poker and Rummy. Since this game requires an aspect of chance, it might bother players in understanding the legality of playing this game.

However, the best thing is that there are no clear regulations on online gambling in India. Thus, Indians can still play this game online with real money.

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Guide and Rules of Jhandi Munda

The game layout is pretty simple : 6 dice with 6 faces are used in the game. Each face has a specific symbol for each dices. All 6 have to be rolled out to indicate the symbol that is turned face-up after every roll.

The players have to bet which of the symbols will probably appear the most in the rollout of the dice. The symbol with the most number of appearances in the roll-out wins.

The 6 symbols associated with the dice are clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds, a face, and a flag. In the virtual game, the number of times any symbol appears in any roll-out indicates the amount of winnings awarded to the player.

That is, if a symbol appears twice in a roll-out, the winning is twice the amount that was put in the bet. However, payouts are not made in the same manner.

Return to player value of Jhandi Munda: This game offers a staggering value of 97.14% of an RTP to player. This is one of the highest probability of awarding players with a substantial chance to make some profits. This kind of an RTP is probably more than what is offered by some of the best and most popular slot games out there.

Strategies to be deployed in the gameplay: A common notion might be that Jhandi Munda is typically a game that involves just a chance factor and luck on behalf of the player.

However, it might not be absolutely correct. Seven Jackpots has identified certain strategies that could be deployed during gameplay to increase one’s chances of winning in the game.

These strategies are very similar to the ones that are deployed in regular conventional games such as Blackjack.
Since the game incorporates symbols that need to appear a certain number of times to help people win the game, this might involve the concept of hot and cold symbols that might come in handy.

This is also similar to online slot games as well, another reason to try out this game on online platforms.
The best aspect of online versions of Jhandi Munda is that most online operators and casinos tend to showcase the hot and cold symbols, based on the last 10, 50 or even 100 roll-outs previously made.

Hot symbols are the ones that have been appearing the most of the times, face upwards, in all these roll-outs. The cold symbols are the ones that haven’t been the winning symbol in any of the roll-outs.

This gives players a good idea about which all symbols to consider and bet into, to have the best probability of winning.

Varieties of Jhandi Munda and the application of Mathematics

There are different varieties of the same game found in online platforms. It could be in the form of offering a fixed payout to players, even if their choice of symbol appears at least once in any particular roll-out.
However, there is a slight application of the concept of probability to understand the nature of payouts in both the variants.

  • The expected value of the dice in any roll-out can be calculated as (1+2+3+4+5+6) / 6 = 21 / 6 = 3.5.
  • Let for the time being, the casino offers x3.4 times the bet amount. Thus, the amount rewarded to the player is = (3.4 / 3.5) * 100 % = 97.14 %.

It is found that in almost all variants, the average number of times the payouts add up to is x3.4 times the original bet value. Thus, this allows players to build a sense of confidence to approach the game and place efficient bets in the game. Any symbol might have more than a good chance of rewarding the player with a minimum payout at the end of the game.

Play Jhandi Munda Virtually or Live

There are 2 particular ways of playing Jhandi Munda and have a great time – one way is by playing it virtually and competing against a computer. The other way is to play at a live setting where a dealer is involved and one can play the game from the comforts of one’s own home.

The virtual method is faster since there is no time lost between roll-outs. The computer itself makes those roll-outs, one after the other. However, players have the opportunity to visit other tables, or play on multiple tables simultaneously.

The live version is more user interactive. This is because it involves the presence of a real-life dealer, or also known as a croupier.

The live dealer makes the roll-outs for the players who have assembled to play the game, through live sessions. The game is streamed through a high-definition stream that could be accessed on a laptop or a computer, and even on smartphones as well.

These live games also include a chat interface on the platforms as well that allows players to have conversations amongst themselves, as well as with the dealer.
Both these versions are available at the casinos listed by us. Some casinos such as Jeetwin allow players the explicit chance to play the game with even Bollywood celebrities such as Sunny Leone as well.

At Spinsvilla, players can also find a dedicated section which provides players the exclusive chance to witness some amazing selection of Jhandi Munda games.

Play free version of the game as well as with real money

Most players feel comfortable when approaching a new game, after they had ample amounts of experience in getting acquainted with the game.

This is why free versions of online casino games are an excellent opportunity for players to undertake and get ready to face exciting challenges in the future. Playing Jhandi Munda for free allows players to understand the layout of the game.

They also understand the intricacies of the game, its variations, the strategies that could be applied in the gameplay, etc. The concept of hot and cold symbols are also an excellent way to practice the strategy beforehand.
There are many casinos that offer Jhandi Munda to be played for absolutely free (or may include virtual money, for which no minimum deposit is needed).

Once players are acquainted with every other aspect of the gameplay, they can opt to play the game with real money. Real money is generally associated with challenges and game leagues that is offered by most of the casino sites listed by us.
Once the desired casino site is selected, all that one needs to do is to sign up on the casino, make the deposit and start playing Jhandi Munda.

FAQs on Jhandi Munda

Q1. How does one win in Jhandi Munda?

Ans. Players will have to choose one symbol out of the 6 symbols that are engraved on the dices. The symbol that appears the most amount of times in any single roll-out, decides the winner of the round.

Q2. Is it legal to play Jhandi Munda online?

Ans. There are no clear regulations framed around online gambling in India. There are many online casinos that offer this game and are enjoyed by millions of Indian players, each day. Thus, there is no particular risk of playing this game on any of our listed online casino.

Q3. How to apply the best strategy in Jhandi Munda?

Ans. One can win real money by registering as a user on one of the listed casino sites and making a deposit, in order to play with and win real money with Jhandi Munda.