Infinite Blackjack

Evolution Gaming is considered an important part of live dealer games, especially live dealer blackjack. These games go beyond the standard tables that allow multiple players to take part in the game. One such example of the live dealer game developed by Evolution is infinite blackjack.

The rules of the games are similar to any standard blackjack. The only difference is that there is always a table available for players interested in infinite blackjack. In addition to the table availability, the infinite blackjack is ready to be played whenever the player is ready. For players who are already familiar with the live dealer games, it isn’t that challenging to identify the tables, the behaviour of the dealers, and other aspects of the live dealer blackjack.

Evolution isn’t the only company to offer a great experience in live-dealer games, but no software provider is comparable to Evolution.

Introduction to Infinite Blackjack

This blackjack variant is conducted in a lobby. The live dealer titles launched by Evolution are conducted in a large lobby where you could spot the tables for other games in the backdrop. Infinite Blackjack, on the other hand, occurs in a peaceful setting. It offers an exceptional background, featuring the Infinite Blackjack logo. Usually, the dealers in this variant are similar to the standard live blackjack game.

Infinite blackjack is not like the Party Blackjack and other such rough variants. Dealers in this game are quite reserved, and they answer your questions in a calm and professional manner. For the controls, players can adjust the volume of the sound using the volume control buttons on the screen. You also get to decide if you’d like to listen to the sound of the cards shuffling. You can also rotate the camera at different angles.

You can turn the camera to a suitable angle, but those with a poor internet connection have to stick to the angle decided by the internet connection. Basically, you get to choose from two views. One angle is directed at the table and the dealer, in such a way that the dealer and table capture the entire view. Another angle offers you a split view of the screen where the dealer and the table are shown on separate screens. The camera angle will be switched to the second option if you have a poor internet connection.

On the left corner of your screen, you can find the chatbox that could be minimised or maximised according to your preference.


As mentioned earlier, the rules followed in the Infinite Blackjack are no different from the rules of any standard blackjack variant. The winning is distributed in the 3:2. What sets Infinite Blackjack apart from other variants is the “Six Card Charlie” rule. As the name suggests, if the player manages to collect a total of six cars without crossing 21, they will be considered the winner. Note that Six Card Charlie is always a winner even if the dealer gets 21.

There are four side bets in the game, in which the two bets are quite similar to the ones you’ll find on the standard blackjack tables. This includes the 21+3 bet and PAIR. You will win the round if the two cards you get make a perfect pair. For the other one, the single face-up card the dealer holds as well as the two face-up cards of the player must be one of the following:

·      Three cards from one suit

·      Three cards from the same suit in a sequence

·      Three cards featuring the same value, but are from different suits

·      Three cards in a proper sequence, but are from varying suits

·      Cards of the same sequence and the same suit

Then, there is the Hot 3 side bet that uses the two face-up cards the player holds as well as the one face-up card the dealer has. For this side bet to be declared as the winner, the cards mentioned above must total 19, 20, and 21.

Last but not least, you have the Bust It side bet. In this side bet, the player bets that the live dealer will have the cards that exceed 21. It can be with three or six cards. The payout the player gets from this bet depends mainly on the number of cards it takes for the dealer to bust.

Layout and Navigation Features

The Infinite Blackjack features quite a straightforward table layout setting with a few to zero bells and whistles. With only a single-player seated at each table, you only get one betting area, featuring the four side bets. The layout, as mentioned before, is designed keeping the user’s comfort and usability in mind. Even those who haven’t taken part in the live dealer blackjack before, the simple structure of the table in this game will make it super convenient for you to learn the basics of the game easily.

Features of Infinite Blackjack

–          Different camera angles available for a clear view

–          The angles adjust automatically should your connection is poor or unstable

–          It features a total of four side bets

–          Simple and clean interface

–          Better winning opportunities with the Six Card Charlie feature

Final Verdict

Everything about the Infinite Blackjack seems terrific. From multiple camera angles to the extensive range of winning opportunities, there are a lot of things you get to explore in this game. All these features combined offer a seamless user experience and plenty of winning opportunities to the players.

One thing that makes Infinite Blackjack a perfect option is its seating arrangements. You do not have to wait for the other players at the table to make a move. If you have ever been at the Evolution live dealer tables, then be ready to have a great time playing Infinite Blackjack. The game involves a lot of fun and plenty of exciting gaming opportunities for the players.

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