Teen Patti

How to Play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is one of the top three card games played in the Indian subcontinent. The origin of this game can be traced back to India much like several other games. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to compare this card game to ‘Three Card’ Brag. It seems more like a variation of this popular English card game. 

Teen Patti is popularly played in functions or get-togethers. Betting may or may not be involved in the game. Although this game is based on chance, you can master certain skills for performing better in this game. You can also benefit significantly by observing the moves of your opponents.

Playing Teen Patti online is not the same as the physical version of this game that you would generally play with your friends and family. We have tried this game at several online casinos and can provide an insight into what it is like to play this game online. There is immense scope to make it big when you indulge in the game at online casinos. When you play this game online and wager with money, you have better control over the kinds of bet you place. The best thing is that you can play and master your skills in the game in free mode.     

Just like Poker, Teen Patti is a popular gambling game. It is usually played in a group of three to six people. The game is played with a deck of 52 cards but without the joker. Three cards are dealt with each player. The boot amount is decided and collected from all the players participating in the game.

Boot amount refers to the minimum stake amount that is put in the pot. It is basically the money that you place in the centre of the table. The money in the pot increases as the game progresses. The winner walks away with all the money in the pot. The player with the best hand in the end or with the highest hand is declared to be the winner. 

Teen Patti Rules

Numerous rules are associated with the game of Teen Patti as several variations of the game are available online. It all depends on the kind of version that you are playing. The basic rule is that the dealer deals 3 cards to each player in the game. A bet has to be placed by the player. It can be done either as a Seen Player or as a Blind Player. However, the game is a different entity in itself. It is vital to understand the rules in order to make progress in this game.

Once you have been dealt three cards by the dealer, you need to decide whether you intend to play the game in a blind or seen mode. If you are playing in the blind mode, your bet value will be half of the bet value of a seen player. If you are a seen player and have wagered ₹100 in the game, the blind player will be betting ₹50 for that round. If everybody on the table has checked their cards, then they can either bet with ₹100 or can raise the bet. This is up to them.  

In order to win the game, a player needs to have a better hand in comparison to your opponents. The winning combination of three cards is quite different when compared to Poker. The basic idea of winning a combination in the game, however, remains the same.  

  • High Card
  • Three of a kind
  • Pair
  • Pure Sequence
  • Sequence/Straight
  • Royal Flush
  • Flush
  • Winning Potential

Regardless of how the Indian Constitution views this game, Teen Patti can be considered to be a game of both skill and chance.  The winning potential in this game is dependent on the kind of cards that you are holding. There is only up to a certain extent that the cards that you are holding would matter. Then your winning potential will be directly proportional to your bluffing skills. 

Cards Odds Frequency Probability (%)
High Card 0:34:1 16440 74.39
Pair 4:90:1 3744 16.94
Three of a kind 424:00:1 52 0.24
Straight/Sequence 26:69:1 720 3.26
Flush 19:16:1 10.96 4.96
Straight Flush 459.52 48 0.22

Live Teen Patti Strategies to Win

Teen Patti requires you to demonstrate skills along with a great sense of understanding your opponents. Since the game is dependent on aspects of both luck and chance, you need to consider spending some time mastering bluffing during the game. This will take you a long way and would turn you into one of the strongest players in Teen Patti.  

You can be skilled at bluffing, but you need to remember that you are competing in big leagues where other players are no less. Your opponents may be more experienced in the art of bluffing. It is best not to underestimate anybody and keep an eye on other players. 

Playing blind can be considered to be a bold risk taken by any player while playing Teen Patti. This decision purely oozes confidence that the player has and may often result in other players folding their cards. This is when they know that the cards are not favouring them. 

The concept of Side Show is yet another strategy that has not been commonly noted in other card games. You cannot do this while playing the game the traditional way. This can only be played online. Side Show boosts your confidence where you can eliminate your opponents one by one. But first, you need to have really strong cards. For instance, if you are playing with 6 players at a table and you are confident of your cards, then you can request for a Side Show. The player who played previously has to reveal their cards if they accept your request. If they agree, then the one with the lower hand out of the two would be required to fold.  

Variations in the game

Many consider Teen Patti to be a variation of Poker. The game, however, has plenty of variations. Here are some of the popular variants.

Bust Card Draw: A dealer draws a random card and any player holding that card will have to fold

High Wild: The cards with the highest value in the game become wild cards

Two-lowest Wild: Each player in the game is dealt four cards. The lowest ranking cards in the game are termed as wild cards.

Mufliss: In this game, the ranking of cards get reversed

Wild Draw: Once the dealer has dealt the cards, the player has to pull a random card from the deck. Every card belonging to the same rank would be treated as a wild card

Best of Four: In this game, the player deals four cards to the players. In order to win, the player needs to have the best possible combination of three-cards. 

Apart from the above-mentioned variations, there are some other variants of Teen Patti can also be found. They are Kiss-Miss-Bliss, Stud, Community, Draw, Cobra and Kaan King and Jack. 

Each player in the game has to contribute to the boot money and receives three cards face down. The game begins with the player who sits next to the dealer. The game proceeds in the clockwise direction from the dealer. The player can place a wager without checking the cards. This is known as playing blind. The player can also check the cards they have been dealt with. They can try various options based on the progress of the game. Blind players place blind bets. Players who check their cards before making a move are known as ‘Seen players’. 

Blind Player

In order to be a blind player, you will have to give up checking the cards that you have been dealt with. If you have the option, you can play Blind, Pack, and Show. For playing blind, you need to place a wager in the pot. The bet is either equal to the stake amount or twice of it. The current stake value is the boot amount. If the first player decides to play blind, then the player needs to place a bet amount that is either equal to or twice the boot value.

Stake Amount

The blind bet placed is considered as the stake value for the next player. Half of the bet value of a seen player is considered as the next player’s stake amount. If the next player plays blind, then the bet is either equal or twice to the stake value. A blind player can request for a Show when there is just one opponent remaining. This is referred to as a blind show. The cards become visible when a request is made for a show.

Seen Player

A seen player can make moves that are popularly referred to as Chaal and Pack. They have other options as well: Side Show and Show. In order to remain in the game after seeing the cards dealt with you, you will have to play Chaal lest you have any other option available.


A seen player has to play Chaal in order to remain in the game. The move requires the player to first place the bet amount into the pot. The bet value is either equal, twice or four times the value of the current stake. If the previous player played blind, then the stake value would be equal to the bet placed by the previous player. If the previous move made was by a seen player, then the stake value would be half the bet value placed by them.

Side Show

A seen player can request for a Side Show. The players can compare their cards with the previous player after requesting a Side Show. This is possible if the previous player is also a seen player. For requesting a Side Show, you need to put twice the current stake value into the pot. It is only then your request is communicated with the previous player. However, there is a catch. The previous player has the option to either accept or deny the request made. If the request is approved and if the previous player has a better hand, then you need to pack.  If you have better cards, then the previous player needs to pack. After one has packed, the turn passes to the next player. If the request for Side Show is denied, then you don’t get to see the cards of the previous players and you remain in the game. The turn passes to the next player. 

Rules of “The Side Show” in Teen Patti?

To Show cards in Teen Patti, only 2 players must continue in the game. The rest must fold up their cards. A blind player must pay the cost (current amount at stake) for a show. The second player can be either a blind or a seen player. The player can look at the cards only after the payment is made.

A seen player never gets an opportunity to call a show if the other player is blind. The only option left is to continue to place the bets or just fold down the cards. If both last players are seen players, either of the two can take the opportunity to put double the amount for a show.

During the show, when the cards are shown for both the players, the lucky one will have higher ranking cards and win. In case, both the players have equivalently ranking cards, the non-paying player wins the jackpot.

What is a Compromise in Teen Patti?

Example: Let’s say that every player has become a seen player. At that moment, one player can opt to pay double the unit amount and request for a compromise with the player who placed a bet earlier to them. It is dependent upon the other player whether to acknowledge or decline the compromise offer.

In case, if a player acknowledges the offer, the said two players can reveal their cards privately. The person with the low-ranking cards must fold. If both the players have cards of equal rankings, the one who wanted a compromise must fold the cards.

In case of a refusal in the compromise offer, the betting will continue as usual.

Ranking of cards in Teen Patti

Here is the sequence of the ranking of cards in the game of Teen Patti. Here the rank has been mentioned from low to high

  • High Card
  • Pair of two cards belonging to the same rank
  • Color
  • Sequence or run
  • Pure Sequence
  • Set or Trail (three cards belonging to the same rank)

A-K-Q sequence has the highest rank sequence in the game. A-2-3 has the second-highest rank.

Teen Patti Online

Online Teen Patti offers you an entirely new experience of playing the popular card game. This game is a lot different in comparison to the regular game that you play. The game has a certain level of depth. You also have control over several factors in the game that you don’t usually have while playing the regular game.

The game opens up new avenues for the players. You can improve your skills and play with the best players in the country. You also get the chance to play with the best players in the world. There are numerous advantages to playing the game online. We have analyzed the pros of playing the online version of the game. Here they are: 

  • You have complete control over the game
  • No chances of foul play as the game is controlled with an algorithm
  • You can decide the minimum and maximum bet for each hand
  • You can choose from multiple tables
  • You can leave the table and join another one if you feel the table is getting cold

There are a few online casinos that promise the atmosphere of live casino gaming. This enhances the virtual gaming experience. Teen Patti can be played in free mode as well as for real money. Many players start practising the game for free and once they have mastered their skills, they move towards betting with real money. 

Most of the Indian players prefer playing Teen Patti online. As the game is governed by chance, the developers and companies offering the game have developed several apps. These apps allow both free mode play and include in-app purchases as well. In order to win real money, you will have to wager with real money.  

Teen Patti Live Game

The live version of Teen Patti is the most exciting as it involves a live dealer and a real-life casino atmosphere. The players can chat with the dealers through live streaming. Initially, the live versions were provided for games such as Blackjack and Roulette to give the players a more immersive experience. Still, in recent times, providers have started offering Teen Patti for the live players.

The game providers such as Ezugi and Super Spade are famous for their versions of Teen Patti online. They one amongst the first providers that developed live Teen Patti, making them pioneers in this category.

Recently, Ezugi has added Teen Patti live to its vast catalogue of live casino games. Based in Romania, Ezugi is an online as well as offline casino game provider. The players will be able to choose different dealers and rooms from their live games lobby to play Teen Patti.

Even though Teen Patti is growing considerably, not a lot of online casinos offer it. Most of the casinos that are focused on the Indian audience, such as 10Cric and Jeetwin, will surely have this game. However, some international audience casinos such as Leovegas and 1xBet also offer the Ezugi version for the players. 

Start of Teen Patti Game

To start the Teen Patti game, the player sitting to the left side of dealer gets the right to place the first bet and then the turns follow in clockwise circle. If a player wishes to earn more money than the one in the part, they can place an extra bet to stay in the game.

But to play safe, they can place the cards and fold. So, as per the rules of Teen Patti game, the player who puts down their cards are outside of the game. They also lose the share of their money in the pot.

Limited Stake & Unlimited Stake Tables in Teen Patti

If you are new to Teen Patti game and playing for the very first time, then we advise you to play on a limited stake table.


Well, playing with limited stake table initially have some perks:

  • The boot amount will be 2.
  • You get to play maximum of 4 blinds
  • The Pot limit will be 2048
  • The maximum Chaal you can play is 256

But when the Pot limit reaches, the players who remain in the game will be forced to show their cards. In this case, the player with the highest-ranking cards wins the Pot.

In the next limited table level, you will get access to:

  • The boot amount will be 4
  • You get to play 4 blinds maximum
  • The Pot limit will extend to 4096
  • The maximum Chaal you can play is 512

If you are professional teen patti player who has played different hands and have various chips, you can try playing on higher level tables.

Choosing the Virtual or Live

Teen Patti as is an exceptionally fascinating game of cards which is best enjoyed playing real time with your loved ones with a meaningless scent of gambling, it can likewise be enjoyed online.

Where can you play Teen Patti Online for money?

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There are several online casinos where you can indulge in the game for money. We make your task of finding a reliable online casino easier by providing a list of trusted websites. You can safely wager money at the casinos listed by us. 10Cric is one of these casinos listed above that has good Teen Patti live games.

All you need to have is a decent smartphone that is backed with a reliable internet connection. If you do not own a smartphone, then you can access the websites of the casino and start playing from a personal computer.

The first thing that you must do after visiting the website of online casinos offering Teen Patti is to register on the website. After furnishing the vital information, you can log in to your account. The websites reviewed by us are some of the safest in the online casino industry. These are regulated by trusted gambling commissions and authorities in the industry. Hence, whatever the transactions you make over the sites suggested by us are safe and secure. These sites have been curated to accept Indian players and payments made by them along with other popular currencies.       

Once you login to your account, you will be allowed to play the game in free mode. This will help you improve your skills. Once you feel confident, you can enter your payment details to make a deposit and start playing with real money. You can choose your withdrawal and deposit limits while playing at online casinos. Most of the casinos online accept payments through debit and credit cards. Bank transfers and e-wallets are also accepted by many casinos.  

Origin of Teen Patti

Teen Patti originated in India. The game is played with a deck consisting of 52 cards. The game is believed to have also originated from the English game Three Card Brag. It also has some ties with Poker. The game demands you have to show your skills despite being a game of medium chance. Although you start simple in the game, numerous variations of this game are played all over the country. The game has amassed immense popularity all over the world. This is because it can be played in free mode and it is also easy to grasp the basics.  

Is it legal to play Teen Patti in India?

Even though we consider the Teen Patti to be a game of skill, the Indian constitution doesn’t define the game that way. As the game has a close connection to Poker, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a game of skill. However, it is believed to be a game of chance and hence is not allowed as per legal norms. 

Though it is illegal to indulge in this game online, there are numerous websites and apps that allow you to play the game in free mode utilizing the virtual money. This is the reason why it has become immensely popular. With no legal guidelines in place, it becomes difficult for the government to trace a single individual indulging in online casino games. Currently, looking at the trends in the country, it is quite impossible to be either booked or prosecuted for indulging in this game either physically or online. The states that have clear rules and have banned gambling wouldn’t permit you to indulge in Teen Patti in any form.

There are numerous game developers and operators who offer Teen Patti in free mode and for real money. It is best that you take a look at the list that we have compiled of the trusted operators. 

Teen Patti is a kind of game that you would usually enjoy with your friends and family. Advancements in technology have made it possible for the players to indulge in this game online as well. There are numerous websites and apps in India that permit you to indulge in virtual Teen Patti. The entire setup is created virtually. The only thing real about this game is the player indulging in it. Check out our 10Cric Review to find how you can deposit real money to play Teen Patti online.

With technological advancements, you can play Teen Patti in a realistic gaming environment from the comfort of your home. You can connect to a dealer located anywhere in the world and start playing the game. The best thing is that you wouldn’t miss the social aspect as well. You can chat with other players and derive the best possible experience. This was done to offer a realistic gaming experience that you encounter while playing live casino games. This is the reason why the popularity of Teen Patti has gone up in recent years. 

Playing Teen Patti for Free vs. playing for real money

If you are new to online gaming, then we would first recommend you to start playing Teen Patti in free mode. Once you are aware of the basics and the ins and outs of the game, you can wager for real money. Make sure to visit reputed online casinos offered this game. You can take a look at our recommended online casinos for indulging in Teen Patti. Just register with the casino to create an account and start playing the game. LeoVegas India is one of the top online casino site for playing real money teen patti online.

Take your smartphone, access the casino website recommended by us and start indulging in your favourite game today!

Teen Patti Mobile Version

Teen Patti has a huge player base in India, but ever since its launch on the online platforms, it is seen that the players all over the world love the game. It is seen that the game contributes to 61% of the total revenue as per the Online Gambling Quarterly report. Teen Patti is driving the global mobile gaming industry, and KPMG is estimating that the game, along with other card games, will grow by 50% to 100% yearly. With this increase in popularity, the number of mobile compatible websites and apps will also be introduced for the players. Here are some of the basic features you should look for while selecting the instant play or downloadable software to play Teen Patti online.

  1. Enhanced UX for a user-friendly experience and more straightforward navigation.
  2. Auto Update so that the latest updates are automatically applied to the game on your device.
  3. Cloud Gaming to enhance the gaming experience, especially for the apps.
  4. Multiplayer Mode so that more than one player can play the Teen Patti game at once.
  5. Cross Compatibility so that the game is available on all platforms and runs seamlessly on different screen sizes.
  6. Cross Secure Payment can be done via different methods and ensures player safety.

FAQs on Playing Teen Patti online

How to play Teen Patti game?

Teen Patti is a desi version of Poker where the dealer deals three cards facing down for each player. Players continue to bet depending on the hands they have been dealt until a single player remains in the game.

Is it legal to play Teen Patti online?

Indeed, it is 100% legal to play Teen Patti online at your favored casino. There are no laws present that can say otherwise.

Can we skills to win at Teen Patti online?

Yes, skill is extremely important to win at Teen Patti online. The cards you are dealt with may not be in your control, but how you prefer to place your bets with them surely is!

What is a pot in Teen Patti?

The “pot” is the sum that includes all of the players’ initial bets placed. As the game continues, the size of the pot starts to grow. The winner of the round wins all the money in the pot.

Can you play Teen Patti for free at an online casino?

Unfortunately, you cannot play Teen Patti for free at any available Indian online casino.

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