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    In addition to Indian lottery systems that operate traditionally, like the Sikkim state or Kerala state lottery, players from India also have multiple options to enjoy online lottery india using their computer or mobile platforms. For the simple reason that these online lottery systems work outside India, they are exempted from gambling laws applicable in India. Due to this, you can enjoy and play any international lottery irrespective of the state you stay at in India.

    The international websites also offer very high potential lottery winnings compared to Indian lotteries. As an example, winning amount in a game known as Mega Millions “starts” with 280 crore rupees! Yes, that’s not a typo. The platforms you use for betting are known as “lottery agents”, with their usual location across various nations in Europe or Continental America. These platforms offer 24 hour customer support, while accepting Indian players and supporting popular money withdrawal and payment avenues.

    The only major criteria in order to be eligible for a shot at these international lotteries is, completion of 18 years when it comes to the player’s age.

    Online Lottery India

    Guide to Signing up to any Online Lottery India Platform?

    Lottoland is listed as one of the best international lottery operators operating Online Lottery in India.

    Registration on the platform is simple and quick. Just upon clicking on the “Play now” symbol at our website Spinsvilla, you land at the lottery operator’s website. Before signing up using the operator’s platform, you can contemplate using numerous withdrawal and payment options. While signing up, you must punch in details like age, name and phone number used in India. Right after filling in these details, the process is almost complete.

    The final step is to deposit money in your lottery account using credit cards like MasterCard and Visa, or using e-Wallet services like Neteller and Skrill. As a requirement, you are not eligible to play lotto before depositing money. However, we at Spinsvilla have listed lotteries that run huge promotional schemes that enhance your deposit value, effectively offering you a discount.

    After this process, you are done with registering for your chosen online lottery. Congratulations! You can now choose a game of your liking and pick you lucky numbers. All the Best playing online lottery India!


    Benefits of Playing on Online Lottery Platforms from Outside India

    There can be multiple good aspects of using international lottery sites to play and bet your hard-earned money:

    The winning potential: Money that can be won at online lottery India is normally in the range of 10-100 lakh rupees, being a good amount of money for anyone living in our country. However, this looks pale in comparison to what you can win across international lotteries, which have a range of 280-1490 crore rupees as winning amounts! The currency exchange rate does play its part!

    The Gaming Selection: International gaming websites normally have over 50 different gaming products that can be chosen by its players.

    Trustworthy and Regulated: Being regulated, when it comes to international lotteries, you can be assured that your winnings are in safe hands. All agents listed at our platform Spinsvilla are regulated, trustworthy and licensed in their respective countries. This implies strict adherence to data laws, penalties for service deficiencies and revocation of license upon non-receipt of winning money by players.

    Quick withdrawal times: Once a player has won, the lotteries lose no time in processing your withdrawal requests.

    24/7 Customer service and offers: The gold standard among international lottery platforms is to make its players content and happy with their offerings. In that quest, customer service at these platforms is extremely diligent, quick and responsive. The cherry on top of the cake is regular updates on bonuses and promotions running at the platform.

    All international online lotteries that can be accessed using Spinsvilla confirm to these 5 advantages and positive aspects.

    For those of you interested in more details, individual reviews can be a great starting point.

    How to Play Online Lottery


    Current Lottery Law in India 

    India does not have a complete ban on lotteries in the country. Instead, it is for the state government to make a decision on the status of lotteries. As a consequence, many states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have abolished lotteries. In other states like Sikkim, Kerala and Maharashtra, lottery remains amazingly popular.

    Online Lottery India – Laws and its changes in recent times:

    In the year 2015, the Supreme Court of India in its ruling gave the power to state governments with regard to banning lottery sales. However, 13 states of the country decided to make concise lottery laws making it legal to run lottery operations. These states are:

    1.Arunachal Pradesh




    5.Madhya Pradesh










    List of Biggest Lottery Jackpots in the World

    Mega Millions:

    Mega Millions is a household name in the US and remains among the most popular and large lotteries due to its sheer size. It is actively enjoyed across 46 states in the US, offering number drawings every night on Tuesday as well as Friday. The minimum amount of jackpot for this lottery is US$40 million, totalling to approximately 280 crore rupees! Eyes Wide Open?

    mega millions lottery india

    To stand a chance at winning Mega Millions and its jackpot, you must match 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 70 along with the Mega Ball, where numbers range from 1 to 25. Apart from the jackpot, the Mega Millions lottery also gives away nine unique prize tiers during each draw. Players can also snatch a prize for simple match of numbers on the Mega Ball. In the event of zero jackpot winners, money reserved for the jackpot rolls over to add to the next twice-a-week draw.

    Whenever you express the readiness to enjoy Mega Millions lottery in India, you must pick the lucky numbers using the lottery platform online.

    Playing instructions:

    After opening an online account using any lottery platform available for review at Spinsvilla, you can select any five lucky lottery numbers as well a number for the Mega Ball draw.

    You can also choose to add the Megaplier number that gives you the ability to multiply winnings that are non-jackpot in nature by the number chosen. Megaplier multipliers are chosen and can reach uptil five. In the event you win, the prize money is directly deposited to the casino account online. From your casino account, this money can be taken out to your preferred withdrawal method or can be used as money to buy more lottery tickets.



    Powerball is a US-based lottery that is widely available to players from India. This lottery is played in 44 states across the United States and boasts itself as among the largest in the world. The lucky draws at Powerball happen Wednesday and Saturday night every week with a starting winning amount similar to that at Mega Millions. This translates to about US$40 million, which is 280 crore rupees!

    online lottery india

    For playing Powerball, players need to choose five numbers ranging from 1 till 69 as well as a Powerball number that ranges from 1 till 26. Winners of the jackpot must match all the 5 numbers along with the chosen Powerball number. Apart from the jackpot, players might also get to win eight different prize tiers that are given out for entries who match fewer numbers. This includes a fixed second-tier winning prize for a perfect match of 5 main lottery numbers. If you want to increase the amount of non-jackpot winnings, ‘Power Play’ can be easily added for a minuscule additional fee.

    Playing Instructions:

    When you get ready, you need to buy the tickets online using any lottery described at Spinsvilla. Please note that Spinsvilla is not a ticket provider but acts as a rating agency for the agent or online lottery India platform.

    From this point, you will then choose the 5 main numbers along with the lucky Powerball number. You might also decide to incorporate the additional Power Play number. After a successful win, the prize money is automatically credit to your Powerball account. You might use this money to buy more tickets to play at Powerball or simply withdraw the money to your bank or card.

    An Indian named Tojo had won in this lottery played at Lotto247.



    Playing European Lotteries in India

    Lotto games from India can also play at distinct European lotteries like UK Lotto, SuperEnalotto and EuroMillions. EuroMillions is among the new entrants in European lotteries, but has spread quickly in terms of popularity. This is in part due to its highly prized jackpots which can total up to more than 1400 crore rupees in prize money at one shot!

    You can enjoy playing EuroMillions by simply registering for lottery accounts online using any platform listed at Spinsvilla, and after that, simply buying a lottery ticket. You will have to choose 5 numbers in the range of 1 and 50 and then also choose Lucky Star special numbers, which consist of two numbers in the range of 1 to 12. A match of all the 7 numbers will be the winning match for the complete jackpot.

    UK Lotto is a two-times-a week lottery with a large number of prizes. For winning this online lottery, you must pick as well as match 6 numbers and thus win the jackpot. If no person is able to match these 6 numbers, the UK Lotto jackpot gets rolled over into the subsequent week. If no one matches numbers even in the second week, the jackpot will roll over again, up to a maximum of 5 weeks.

    At some points, the UK Lotto jackpot gets split among many players, and this depends completely on the number of matches. You must register to play using your lottery account right now, so that you stand a chance to play and win at the UK Lotto, along with other large international lotteries.



    During its launch in 2004, Euromillions was the first multinational lottery in Europe. It soon transformed into a widely popular game in the European subcontinent. The game has its inaugural play in France, UK and Spain. As of today, a total of 9 European nations take part in the lottery draws that take place every Tuesday and Friday night.

    The minimum winning amount in case of EuroMillions is 17 million euros, which totals about 130 crore rupees. However, this jackpot can roll over multiple times and eventually increase up to a prize money of 190 million euros, which is the upper cap for prize money. This translates to a humungous amount of 1450 crore rupees!

    In order to play and win at EuroMillions, you must create an account at one of the numerous lottery websites listed by us online. You can then choose5 numbers ranging from 1 till 50 as well as 2 Lucky Star numbers ranging from 1 till 12. To be a winner of the jackpot, you need to match all 5 main lottery numbers along with the 2 Lucky Star lottery numbers. The EuroMillions lottery additionally has 13 prize tiers for a match of 2 or more than 2 main numbers.

    In addition, the lottery, at times, takes out super draws. These are a replacement to a regular lottery, thereby offering a higher winning amount in the jackpot.


    UK Lotto:

    UK Lotto is listed as the best lottery game in the UK. This lotto was started in 1994. The twice-a-week drawings for this UK Lotto take place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Again, like other jackpots, if you manage to get the 6 main numbers, you stand as the winner of the jackpot.

    online lottery india

    In addition the UK Lotto also offers 6 more ways to win prizes. All prize amounts with the exception of the jackpot are fixed. The winning jackpot will get automatically rolled over for five times if there is no winner. After 5 times, if the jackpot is yet to see any winner, the amount is evenly split among the Match 3, Match 4, Match 5, and Match 5 as well as Bonus players.

    If you are keen to take part in the UK Lotto, you must make a lotto account online and select your lucky numbers. You can select 6 numbers from 1 till 59 in the UK Lotto, while also picking a Bonus Ball number from among the 53 numbers left after selecting the 6 main numbers. For a winning combination and probability, players need to match at least 2 of its main numbers.


    Online lottery in India and how to play section 

    While many states in India have government-run lotteries, some do not have it and therefore allow players from their area to take part in online lotteries. Therefore, online games are mushrooming and have expanded their foothold across India. Online lottery is also a decent alternative for players who are interested in playing multiple lottery contest that take place in the world. If you have an interest to play, you might want to understand the best lottos to give it a shot.

    Call it good fortune, but you do have good options available. Play Huge Lottos, Lotto Agent, Lottoland and Lotto 247 are the 3 most famous options in India. Have a glance at these lotteries in the country to expand your horizons about their history, how the game work, their offerings and benefits. After an informed decision, you can play any lottery game of your liking, that too at the click of your mobile phone.

     Review of Online Lottery India

    The founders of Lotto Agent devised the idea of a worldwide lottery ticket-fetching service in the year 2010 and 2 years later, Lotto Agent was launched. Though it is headquartered in Belize, the platform has multiple representative offices across the US, Spain, Australia and Italy.

    Among the initial steps to create the platform was a careful selection of the best lotteries in Europe and the US; simply because these lotteries boast of the largest jackpots, superb secondary prizes and reasonable prices.

    As of now, Lotto Agent lists over 20 lottery games across the world with popular contest that are:

    • Powerball
    • Mega Millions
    • SuperLotto Plus
    • EuroMillions
    • EuroJackpot
    • BonoLoto
    • La Primitiva
    • El Gordo

    Simple and secure:

    Just after making lottery games available on its platform, Lotto Agent scouted for ways to sell lottery tickets. While as a user, you might find the ticket buying system quite simple and easy, the backend is powered by a high-tech service made secure and designed for fast sales.

    The last step to make Lotto Agent a reality was the creation of a friendly and loyal customer service team, working round the clock to ensure quick disposal of questions and problems. When it comes to playing at Lotto Agent, the process cannot be simpler than the one in place currently.

    Firstly, the players needs to sign up at the platform’s website. Next up, players need to choose the lottery and the number of tickets they want to buy for each selected lottery. After customer selection, Lotto Agent will dispatch representatives to buy the tickets for your favourite game. Players are sent a scanned copy of these tickets.

    Since you are dealing with Lotto Agent, you can be assured of an authentic participation in your chosen lottery games, implying that there would be no hassle to claim your winnings.

    Lotto India:

    If you wish to enjoy lottery games in India, you must understand the way it functions. In spite of several gambling restrictions put in place in India, the laws for lottery games are decided by each state, so that some states let you play online while others by physically letting you buy lottery tickets.

    Every state in India has the power to regulate lotto games and thus they ensure regulatory compliance and fair lottery drawings. States allowing lottery games include Goa, Sikkim and Punjab. If you like to play online lottery India, there are several options. The biggest lottery run by the government in India is Playwin Lottery, being run by the government of Sikkim. Read over for more if you want to play and discover more about playing lotteries in India.

    Playwin Lottery:

    Playwin Lottery was initiated by the government of Sikkim in the year 2001. It is the largest lottery company across the country and among the first to sell tickets online. To participate in Playwin Lottery, you have to attain 18 years of age and be a resident of any of these following states:

    • Arunachal Pradesh
    • Goa
    • Maharashtra
    • Sikkim
    • West Bengal

    playwin lottery online lottery india

    Lottery NameDraw DayDraw Time (IST)
    ThunderballTuesday22:00 – 22:30
    Jaldi 5 DoubleWednesday22:00 – 22:30
    Thursday Super LottoThursday22:00 – 22:30
    Jaldi 5Friday22:00 – 22:30
    Saturday Super LottoSaturday22:00 – 22:30

    Thunderball: This lottery is publicly announced every Tuesday on Zee Zing channel and has 7 tiers of prizes and 1 crore as the minimum first prize.

    Jaldi 5 Double: This lottery that takes place on Wednesday has winners publicly announced on Zee 24 Taas channel. Winning players need to match five numbers, with first prize being 1 crore rupees, similar to that of Thunderball.

    Thursday Super Lotto: This super lotto is declared every Thursday of the week on Zee Zing, with a 2 crore rupee first prize. The biggest lottery amount in Playwin history was declared on Thursday Super Lotto with a total prize money of 17.2 crores. This prize was won by Mr. Jaiprakash Jaiswal, who worked as a scrap dealer in Kankurgachi.

    Jaldi 5: Similar to Jaldi 5 Double, this draw announces its winners on Zee 24 Taas. This draw, which takes place just on Fridays has a structure similar to that of Jaldi 5 Double, but with half the prize money and double odds. In total, the first prize of Jaldi 5 is 500,000 rupees.

    Saturday Super Lotto: As a finish to the week at Playwin, the Saturday Super Lotto is publically announced every Saturday on Zee Zing. This games has similar rules and odds like Thursday Super Lotto. However, both of them are different games that have unique prize pools.

    All 5 games of Playwin lotto make an announcement of the winning combinations each day of the week around the time between 10 and 10:30 p.m. This schedule might get changed due to some scheduling issues and it makes sense to periodically check the Lottery website.

    Playwin lottery increases with fun factor of daily life with huge lottery prizes and daily draws. Hence, it comes across as a safe way to strike it rich by spending little money on tickets. Also, if you possess a Playwin card, buying tickets is as easy as tapping on your phone while being at home or anywhere else.

    Playing well at Playwin Lottery

    In order to effectively play in Playwin Lottery, you must buy tickets through a retailer or online using the lotto website. Buying at a retailer is easy as you get to choose the numbers and fill it on the lotto payslip. The retailer will then process the ticket using this payslip while also handing over proof of purchase.

    playwin lotto winner india online lottery india

    For buying a ticket online, a Playwin card needs to be purchased from the lottery retail store. These are preloaded cards with denominations ranging from 200 to 5000 rupees. These cards can then be used on the playwin website to buy the ticket.


    Lottery in Punjab

    If you stay in India and like the excitement that comes with winning huge prize money from cheap lottery tickets, then Punjab’s bumper lotteries must be your lottery ticket of choice. Have a look at everything there is to know about the lotteries in Punjab to increase winning odds.

    punjab lottery online lottery india

    Punjab Lottery has been operational since 1968 as a wing of the finance ministry in the government of Punjab, with the finance department holding lottery draws at a monthly interval. The department defines everything from the lottery’s name, ticket issued number and the lottery drawing date.

    So, even if the date changes periodically, the ticket issued numbers always stay the same. In spite of this, the Lottery Director of Punjab has the power to decrease or increase ticket numbers for each draw.


    Variations in Odds and Prizes:

    A major difference from other lotteries in India is that Punjab does not hold weekly lottery draws. The state has sole focus on its Bumper Lotteries which are high-value events taking place across the year. The prize money in these seasonal events varies greatly from a low figure of a few lakh rupees to going as high as 1.5 crore rupees.

    Also, since these lotteries have similar number of tickets issued each year, the tickets get valuable every year with the increase in prize money.

    Many lottery systems have the central idea of selling more tickets to ensure larger jackpots. However, this strategy reduces the winning odds for everyone, which is not the case in Punjab state lottery.

    List of Punjab’s Bumper Lotteries:

    The Punjab state gives away the following regular Bumper lotteries every year:

    Holi Bumper: This lottery is placed before and during the festival of Holi festival, with the announcement of its winners in late March.

    Baisakhi Bumper: This bumper lottery is placed around Baisakhi, which is a holiday for New Year celebrations for the Sikh community. This bumper game’s announcement of winners takes place in the middle of May.

    Rakhi Bumper: This is a large-prized bumper lotto for the festival of RakshaBandhan and draws its winner announcement in late March.

    Punjab State Diwali Bumper:  This lottery draw is scheduled typically in November in order to coincide with autumn celebrations across the state.

    New Year Lohri Bumper: This Lohri lottery draw takes place in late January in order to celebrate Punjabi New Year.



    Consistency and Simplicity in Rules:

    In general, Bumper lottos across different states in India change rules in every game. However, in case of Punjab, there is remarkable consistency.

    Every ticket for Punjab lotto games has a 6-digit number that has a range from 000000 to 999999. Players getting the correct matches of numbers will get the top prize while players who have got a few numbers also get to win at a lower prize range. The ticket price for lotteries in Punjab range from Rupees 100 to 200. This is a great price if you think of how big the prize money of such jackpots can be. Complementing Kerala, Sikkim and Goa state governments, the Punjab state lottery is a great source of fun while adding more excitement to various Indian festivals. However, players need to be careful with parting away their money only to reputed sellers of a state lottery.


    Lotteries in Kerala

    After the abolition of private lotteries in 1967, the government of Kerala initiated the State Lotter of Kerala. This game of lottery was unique to the country, inspiring many other states to follow its footsteps. The Kerala state lottery has daily drawings across 7 days in the week. While each lottery offers independent prize structure, the prices of tickets are in the range of 30 and 50 rupees.

    kerala lottery

    Lottery NameDraw Day
    Sthree SakthiTuesday
    Karunya PlusThursday
    Nirmal WeeklyFriday

    Shown below is a breakdown of the kinds of lottery games in Kerala:

    Win-Win: This game consists of winners for the first, second, and third prize, with an announcement done every Monday and a first prize of 65 lakh rupees.

    Sthree Sakthi: This draw also consists of winners from the first prize until the 8th prize and on top of that, many consolation prizes that are all announced every Tuesday. The first prize is given away at 60 lakh rupees.

    Akshaya: Winners of the Akshaya draw are showcased every Wednesday, giving away winning amounts are 3 prize levels. The first prize here is similar to earlier at 60 lakh rupees.

    Karunya Plus: This draw that takes place every Thursday consists of an 80 lakh rupee first prize, with remarkably high third and even consolation prizes.

    Nirmal Weekly: This draw takes place every Fridays and goes up to seven prize winners with a first prize money of 60 lakh rupees.

    Karunya: This draw that takes place every Saturday consists of an 8 million rupee first prize with seven levels of prizes.

    Pournami: This lottery draw of Kerala state lottery takes place on Sundays and consists of 8 prize levels with the first prize amounting to 70 lakh rupees. It is important to be aware that every daily game has varying structure and nitty-gritties that differentiates them and makes them a part of your choice.


    If you are interested to participate in Kerala State Lottery, there are over 100,000 retailer outlets and more than 35,000 lottery agents which can be of help.


    Lotteries in Sikkim

    Apart from the Playwin Lottery, the government of Sikkim runs the Sikkim State Lottery. Presently, the Sikkim State Lottery consists of the Derby Weekly Scheme, Bigwin Jackpot and Jackpot Special schemes, as well as 3 Puja Bumper lotteries.

    sikkim lottery

    The government fixes Bumper lotteries as a supplement to weekly Sikkim State Lottery draws while laws also restrict Bumper draws to six times yearly. The Sikkim Dear Morning Lottery Scheme gives players the chance to get prizes every day in a typical week. The names for all daily drawings are:

    • Dear Smart Monday
    • Dear Fresh Tuesday
    • Dear Starter Wednesday
    • Dear Breeze Thursday
    • Dear Early Friday
    • Dear Bloom Saturday
    • Dear Wake Sunday

    If you are keen to play one of these Dear Morning Lottery Schemes, you must buy your tickets from any authorised lottery retail outlet. You must sign and add your address at the back of your ticket to prevent its misuse. A claim form also needs to be filled for all prize monies above 10,000 rupees.



    Online Lottery India and its History

    While many countries across the world have prohibitions on lotteries, India has not done so extensively. Instead, it leaves the onus on individual states for decisions on handling lotteries. Many Indians like to play the game of lottery as the country does not place an unhindered ban on the game. As an inspiration, you can find many stories talking about famous winners of jackpots in India.

    1.Who constitute the most well-known winners of Jackpots in India?

    Harikumar is a man of humility and runs a shop selling tea in Bangalore. Some year back, he participated in the Thiruvonam Bumper lottery and won a prize of 6 crores. However, choosing not to retire with his winning money, he still operated his family tea shop. He made an investment in a house for his family and better education for his children.

    Another great inspiration is of Rahima Sheikh, who is a famous winner of jackpot money in India.

    Sheikh hails from Bardham, West Bengal. He visited Kerala looking for a job, intent on saving enough money to purchase a home. In Kerala, he got a construction site job, which earned him Rs 50 per day. One day, he saw someone selling lottery tickets and bought one for himself. Just after 3 days, he learnt that he was the winner of a 1 crore rupee prize.

    2.What’s the size of the Biggest Jackpot Amount Won in India?

    One of the highest wins in a jackpot in India was to Jaiprakash Jaiswal. He was a scrap dealer living in Kankurgachi with a very humble background.

    Then there was this one Thursday when he bought home a ticket from a Playwin counter in the neighbourhood. It was just after waking up the next morning that he realized he was the winner of a 17 crore lottery from Playwin!

    How to Play Mega Millions Jackpot?

    1.What is the cost of the Mega Millions ticket?

    Ans: The cost is around Rs.200.

    2.What is the worth of the juiciest ever Mega Millions Jackpot?

    Ans: The juiciest ever Mega Millions jackpot paid out Rs.6 crore for a 5 number combo.

    3.How good are the winning chances?

    Ans: The game has differing odds and wins. For instance, the odd of matching just the bonus number is listed as 1 in 37. On the other hand, the odds of matching all 6 jackpot numbers are listed at 1 in 30 crores.

    4.Do some numbers have better chances of hitting?

    Ans: There are what is known as hot and cold numbers. In the Mega Millions lottery, hot numbers refer to numbers that regularly occur, while cold ones are frequently not seen during successive draws. These hot and cold numbers are usually shown on any website that offers Mega Millions lottery. While the occurrence of numbers is random in this game, betting on hot numbers might boost the winning chances.

    5.When do the Mega Millions draw hold?

    Ans: The Mega Millions draw takes place every week on Wednesday and Sunday at 8.30 am.

    6.Are there any special rules in place?

    Ans: There are no special rules for the Mega Millions lottery. All players are however required to be of age and have valid ID and proof of address. Withdrawing wins might also require the presentation of a PAN card.

    7.Are there any guarantees that win will be paid to winners?

    Ans: All lottery agents and gambling websites operate under the strictest possible rules and are tightly regulated by the appropriate gambling authorities. As such, there is no way such sites and agents can deny winners of their wins without severe sanctions being applied to them. So, yes, Mega Millions winners get their wins after a certain time period and via their preferred payment method.