What Lotteries Have the Best Odds of Winning?

Online Lotteries with Best Winning Odds

Dreaming of winning a big lottery? Well, it isn’t all that difficult if you play smart! Yes, you can increase your chances of nabbing a lottery deal with a little research into the type of lotteries that can fetch you better odds of winning. Not in thousands or lakhs, you become a millionaire overnight with the right odds!

Here, we have reviewed the lottery types to help you find the favourable odds so that you can choose the appropriate lotteries when playing at your choicest online lottery site. Our comprehensive guide lays down details of lotteries that you can play to enhance your lottery winning opportunities. 

Lotteries with the best odds

Every lottery offers different odds depending on how it has been designed. The best odds in the lottery refer to the probability of winning the rewards that a lottery offers. There can be a huge difference between the lottery odds in general and that offered by jackpots. In the case of the latter lottery type, the odds are referred to as the main prize. For instance, if you buy a lottery as big as the US Powerball or the Mega Millions, you can enjoy 292,201,338 chances of winning the jackpot against one lottery. On the contrary, if you select a relatively smaller lottery then you stand 8,145,060 winning chances against one lottery which is better than the bigger lottery. The Australian Lotto Series is an example against the US Powerball where the former offers the best odds of winning. 

Ways of winning a lottery in India

Here are ways to determine your winning chances from a lottery when playing in India. It’s important to know that in India, the lottery prize is calculated on a rather complex mathematical formula. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t determine the lotteries that offer favourable odds. What experts suggest is that you need to take into account the total numbers and how many of those numbers are drawn in each draw. Also, any extra number in play must be taken into consideration. One of the primary things to remember here is that you will be trying to maximize the chances. So, just to make it simpler for you to understand, 1:16 would be far better than 1:20. 

Lotteries with highest jackpot odds

While several lottery enthusiasts get duped by the size of the jackpot on a lottery ticket, experts advise not to go by the size. High jackpots can negatively affect your winning odds. Also, the lotteries that feature the biggest jackpots usually offer the lowest chance of nabbing the prize money. So, you can decipher that smaller lottery would make for a better choice if you want better odds of winning. 

The US Powerball is a big international lottery with a huge pool at $1.58 billion. Most lottery fans eyeing this jackpot win have around 292 million chances of winning it. On similar lines, Mega Millions, a competitor of the Powerball offers 302.6 million chances of winning. Here are a couple of examples of European lotteries and we use these to show the difference in odds as they don’t have the same jackpots but offer decent rewards. Let’s take the example of EuroMillions which offers 139.8M winning chances on the €17 million jackpot. Now compare this to EuroJackpot that offers winning odds of 1:95M on a jackpot prize of €10 million. Then there’s the jackpot from La Primitiva, a Spanish lottery which offers odds of 1:13.9M. So, when you compare these figures the odds are certainly more than that of MegaMillions which stands at 1:302.6M. 

If you want to know more about which lottery games to play, first you need to understand how general odds of winning and that of jackpots are calculated. Every lottery offers the main prize which is usually the jackpot amount and a secondary prize which refer to the smaller prize amounts. The second one can be won upon guessing a few numbers based on the rules of the specific lottery. When we talk of general lottery odds, we refer to the overall probability of winning any of the prizes. It could be a big prize including the smaller amounts. However, when we say jackpot odds, it refers exclusively to the opportunities of guessing all the numbers (as available on the lottery) along with the top winnable prize. 

It’s not just the odds that a player should consider when making his final decision, as some lotteries might appear to be lowest on the scale of winning chances but offer record prize money. Italian lottery like the SuperEnalotto is a classic example of such a lottery where a player won a whopping €209 million jackpot despite its lower odds on the probability scale. 

Coming to the lotteries you can choose to play, Spanish lotteries in our opinion would be a good choice. The La Primitiva is one such lottery although you can also try the exclusive raffles that offer favourable odds. Both Loteria Nacional Extra and Loteria de Navidad offer 1:1000000 chances of winning the jackpot prize. However, these are conducted less often as compared to regular ones. You can try your luck on the Extra Raffle of the Loteria Nacional, which takes place monthly. Then there’s the Loteria de Navidad which is conducted during Christmas and is a yearly lottery. However, such lotteries are known to be easier to win and have recorded a maximum number of winners from the world. 

Concluding thoughts 

After taking a close look at a plethora of famous lotteries run around the world, we’ve have inferred that it isn’t the odds of winning is not the sole factor to be considered when selecting a lottery. No doubt top lotteries such as the US Powerball and MegaMillions are enticing with the massive jackpots but it’s important to consider things such as the purchase price that a jackpot has reached and its probabilities offered.

Ultimately, you are the best judge when it comes to deciding on the type of lottery that’s best for you. We recommend lottery fans to make an informed choice by looking into the advantages of every major lottery. Also, make sure you look into the less popular lotteries along with the better-known ones before beginning to play. 

Playing a lottery and taking the chance is the only way you can seize the best winning opportunity and how knows when you crack the life-altering jackpot win. You can play the online lottery with LottoSmile to seal the best winning chance. All the best!

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