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We list all the Latest Casino Bonuses

We tediously go through the different latest casino bonuses available out there and meticulously prepare a list of top 10 casino bonuses here only for you. As a new online casino is added every day offering various bonuses and free goodies, we list the best here, with their terms so that you can handpick the best ones you like and play!

The list below will mostly have welcome bonuses so please be sure to pay utmost attention to the wagering requirements of the bonuses you like. Please always check the minimum amount you need to deposit, bonus codes to be used, and also the expiry date of these offers.

There are also bonuses with extra spins feature, free spins sometimes with no deposit bonus, and some part of the welcome bonuses which you will get on making your first deposits on the casino. Be sure to check them out and play your favorite online slots. What’s more, if the free spins are on the online slots you like, it’s even better!

Pick The Latest Casino Bonus And Play

The chances are high that these latest casino bonuses may also be exclusive, as new online casinos love to offer something extra to all the Spinsvilla readers. Simply go through the selection of the casinos and their bonuses listed, and pick them up according to your needs and have fun! We wish you all the very best!

What Are Free Casino Money & Real Money Casino Bonuses

Welcome to this guide to an all-important aspect of the online casino sector- the latest casino bonuses! In most cases, the casino bonus is the main selling point of any casino and the reason folks queue to register at the same. Most casinos boast what is known as the welcome bonus. This, as the name implies, offers new players a royal welcome and can take varied forms. It might be free spins, cashback, or just about anything else the casino feels comfortable with sacrificing to make its new players happier than the proverbial clam in chowder sauce.

Once players have indeed signed up, they get to experience other more potent bonuses. These are regular and ongoing, are frequently changed or updated, and might be limited to certain regions. The regular casino bonuses include tournaments, free games, loyalty programs, no deposit bonuses, free spins, and more. Bonuses are indeed awesome and there is little disputing that. They offer players something to look forward to and are thus of importance. However, just about every bonus comes with T&C that determines how they are to be used and what has to be done before the bonus money can be withdrawn.

Sadly though, most folks who accept a casino bonus do not bother to read the attached T&C. This is not a good idea. Reading up on the attached Terms and Conditions makes the bonus more understandable and makes it easier to achieve the stated bonus objective. It also makes the bonus more rewarding. Still, more than a few online casino players do not bother to even glance at the attached casino T&C and nothing seems to happen to them. So, you can ignore it too, but we wouldn’t recommend that.

Does Anyone Give You Free Casino Money?

Casinos are all about getting rich, or so it says on the tin. However, the people who get rich in casinos are usually not the customers, but the casino owners.

Yes, casinos, at least the licensed ones operate under strict rules. Their games are regularly checked to ensure they are as fair as can be and have random outcomes. Players who play these games have a good chance of winning some very sizeable sums. However, this rarely happens. The reason for this is that the casino always holds the edge in every game that it operates. It is after all a business and needs to make a profit and cover operating expenses.

To make a profit, casinos rely on computer algorithms in their games that always guarantee them a certain percentage of the money that visitors to the casino wager on games. Take slot games for example. These have what is known as the RTP. The Return To Player refers to the percentage of the bet that the game will in the long term payback to players. The RTP varies from 94% to 96%, which makes for a house edge of from 6% to 4%.

The 4% to 6% is the profit of the casino and is always present. This helps ensure that a casino can never lose money on any slot game, at least in the long term. Sure, a player might win massive amounts, but the casino will always make money in the long term because the RTP guarantees that. Remembering the above is vital. As the casino is just like any other business, and no business gives away free money, it helps drives the point home that casinos regardless of what their promo and publicity bites imply do not bless players with free money for no reason.

Why Does Casino Give Bonus?

Any casino does not set out to create a casino bonus just to throw money away. Rather, all casino bonuses are designed to benefit the casino in some way, even if this is not immediately apparent. In the main, casinos host bonuses, promos, and reward programs not because they are tired of all the money they are making and wish to offload this on their customers, but because they wish their customers to keep on playing and making more money for the casino. The bonus essentially serves to whet the appetite of the casino clientele and makes them play more often than they normally would.

Type of Online Casino Bonuses

More, the casino world is incredibly competitive. A such, most casinos regularly host promos and bonuses to poach the clientele of other casinos.

The No Deposit Welcome Bonus

The no deposit welcome bonus will be covered first here. Why? Simply because it is not commonly seen. No deposit bonuses are a little unusual in the online casino world. They can come in the form of free spins or bonus funds and essentially makes it possible for folks to sample the goodies in a casino without being required to deposit funds. 

These forms of bonuses usually come with some very strict wagering requirements. Still, they can be quite enjoyable to players who have a reasonable expectation of what they entail and how they should be used. This contrasts with some players who are under the notion that the no deposit welcome bonus is more or less free cash they could withdraw at once and paint the town red with.

A Closer Look At A Real No Deposit Bonus

So, for a good lesson on what no deposit bonuses brings to the table, we will minutely examine an actual one. This has a maximum conversion of £20. The maximum conversion is legalese that means that the most that can be won from this bonus is £20. While this is not all that huge, it can buy a plate of fish and chips, a glass of beer, and a great smile from a waitress at any bar!

The bonus under discussion here has very strict wagering requirements. This is also referred to as playthrough requirements and stipulates that the player has to make wagers of 100x the bonus, which is £5. This means that any player who accepts this bonus must make a cumulative wager of at least £500 (100×5) which is not all too bad. And what’s more, the bonus funds can only be spent on a trio of specific slots. In this case, these slots are the Narcos, Starburst, and Gonzo’s Quest slot. Sure the player can play any other slot game he/she chooses, but this will not count towards the wagering requirement. Yet another requirement of the bonus is an SMS validation. This helps ensure that players cannot access more of the bonus than they are eligible for. Given the above, it can be said that the bonus requirements are stringent enough for an elephant to tiptoe across! Still, there isn’t much to complain about, because this bonus eventually makes free money available for folks to have fun with. 

Latest Casino Bonuses: The Welcome Bonus Headline Figures

Most 2021 casinos prominently headline their welcome offers. These are typically expressed as a certain number of free spins, a percentage of cash. Some casinos combine the three and make a good job of it. Now, the most used welcome bonus format is expressed in percentages. This is typically represented as 100% of a certain value.

So, say a player deposits some funds into his/her online casino account, the casino will match the funds deposited and pay money into the bonus account of the player. This type of bonuses is typically known as ‘cashback’ or ‘cash match’ bonuses. While they sound good in practice, the reality is that actual money and bonus money are not the same things. Casinos, however, try hard to make the cashback bonus look like a good thing. They hire publicists to trumpet such copy as “deposit £20 and play with £40 today!” This is a 100% cashback bonus and often offers some free spins on the most popular online slot games tacked on.

Best 100% Bonuses

As we have made clear, 100% casino bonuses are the commonest form of bonuses. They make good copy and are widely rushed by players in search of the next best thing.  Now, our site has a comprehensive list of 100% casino bonuses on the best 100 bonus casinos page. A look at this would be most advised. But is that is not possible read on for the top things that can be gleaned from these sort of bonuses.

They don’t even want my money!

Bonus systems often come with restrictions on payment methods and the localities in which they can be accessed. Casino players, for example, are usually granted access to most casino bonuses. The same does not hold for players in the US. Given this scenario, it is advisable any individual interested in a casino bonus first check if it is region locked or not.

As for payment methods, some bonuses are not accessible to users who utilize e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. The reason for this is complicated, but the simple fact is that verifying the identity of users on e-wallet platforms is a difficult, expensive and complicated undertaking. It is also possible for such platforms to be used anonymously. While this might not concern most players, it has connotations with identity fraud and theft, as well as money laundering. And that is why most casinos prefer not to reward e-wallet users with their casino bonuses.

This does not mean to imply that the likes of Skrill or Neteller are dishonest or are being run dishonestly. These firms are very legitimate and widely respected and offer a service that is regularly accessed by millions all over the globe. And that is why we are inclined to believe that the act of barring users on these and other e-wallet platforms is just a temporary glitch that will be corrected soonest. And before we forget, it is important to remember that before most bonuses can be triggered a certain amount needs to be deposited. This amount varies but is usually around £10. Smaller bonuses might be triggered by depositing smaller amounts in the region of £5.

The Small Print Begins

All casino bonuses come with fine print that most do not even bother to read. The fine print usually sounds something like:

“New players only. Wagering requirements apply, with wagering from cash balance first. Wagering requirements of 40X bonus, calculated on bonus bets only, and with contribution varying by game. Bonus betting and winnings capped. Bonus valid for 14 days only. Full terms and conditions apply.”

This sounds a little complicated and we are not even at the major terms and conditions page. Still, let’s take a look at how all this works out.

Whose Cash is Bonus Cash?

Take bonus cash for example. Should you deposit £10, you get an equal amount of money from the casino, making for £20. But is the money from the casino yours free and square? The answer to that is a little complicated. For starters, bonus funds and real money funds are as different as night and day. The real money funds are what you used to fund your online casino account, while the bonus funds are what the casino gave to you.

In the example above, a phrase stands out: “wagering from cash balance first”. What this means is that if you deposited £10 and the casino matched this deposit and gave you £10, you must first spend the £10 in your account before you can touch the £10 that the casino gave to you. Is that all? Not by a long shot. The wagering requirement will be discussed next.

The Wagering Requirement

The wagering requirement happens to be the most vital part of all online casino bonuses. It is often the cause of bitter complaints, bluster and insults and from most casino players is as well-liked as a poke to the eyeball with a sharp needle! The wagering requirement is often called the play through and is probably the biggest thing that all casinos wish non-regular casino folks remain ignorant of. The wagering requirement is a misnomer. Properly, it should be called the “spending requirement”. Some, however, refer to it as the “loss requirement” and they are right too.

The reason for the multiplicity of names, few of them complimentary is simple enough. The wagering requirement or whatever name it is referred to by is how much players are required to wager before any wins from a bonus can be withdrawn. The way that the wagering requirement is written varies. Some casinos state it as multiples of the bonus, while others prefer to list it as a percentage. With the wagering requirement active, players get 2 separate balances in their online casino account. One balance is the bonus balance, while the other is the cash balance. The funds from the bonus balance can only be transferred to the cash balance when all wagering requirements have been met. Once this has been done, the funds can be withdrawn if so desired.

So, say that a player made a £10 deposit and got a £10 bonus with a wagering requirement of 40x. That means the player needs to make wagers worth a cumulative total of £400 before the wagering requirements can be fulfilled.

Wagering Requirements – which balance?

Yet another restriction worth noting is the balance used. Some wagering requirements calculate only bets made with the real money account, while others accept only bets performed on the bonus balance. The example detailed above is representative of the latter. That means players need to first spend the original £10 they deposited.

So before you can start to work off that £400 in play, you need to spend your own £10. And you need to spend it all because there will almost certainly be another restriction in the terms and conditions that will not allow you to withdraw any money before you’ve completed a certain amount of play, or made extra deposits. It’s extremely unlikely – and for obvious reasons – that you’ll be allowed to deposit £10, collect a £10 bonus and withdraw your original £10 to play with just your bonus funds.

Weighted Contributions

The above sure does sound easy. So, you the player has since gotten your ₤10 bonus and can’t wait to spend free money on a slew of casino games you have been positively dying to play. And what’s more, you are spending the money of someone else’s -the casino- and life is never sweeter than when you are spending money that is not your own, right? 

Well, yes. Till the phrase “with contributions varying by game” leaps out at you from the T&C page. That phrase is known as weighting.

Weighting affects how the funds players spend on every casino game reflects on their wagering requirement. Weighting can be either restrictive or loose. The very restrictive ones are those that apply on real money wagers made on a small selection of online casino games. These games are usually known as “promotion games.” Most casino promos have a loose weighting. That means the casino will post a relatively long selection of games, with each game having a varying percentage that applies to the wagering requirement

An Example Might Look like this:

  • “Slots = 100%
  • Classic Slots = 75%
  • Jackpot Slots = 0%
  • Video Poker = 5%
  • Blackjack, Roulette, baccarat, table, poker and/or jackpot games – 10%
  • The following casino games do not count towards the wagering Requirement: Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, Cool Buck, Cool Buck 5 Reels…

That sure is a load of rules. And all on some relatively insignificant free money that the casino promised to bless you and others with.

wagering requirements

In the above example, slots count 100% towards the weighting. That is good news of sorts to slot lovers. 

However, worth noting is that the list above must have been cleverly set up by a mathematician and statistician hired by the casino to benefit the casino itself the most. That means games with a massive return to player potential like blackjack have a low weighting, as do the most popular games.

And that too is why jackpot games are banned. Players who accept a casino bonus might even be prevented from accessing jackpot games till the bonus expires or has been completed. Now, remember the hypothetical bonus worth ₤10 that the casino blessed you with. Suppose that you are obsessed with roulette games and intend to play that game and offset your wagering requirements, what do you have to do?

Well, according to the rules listed above, just 10% of all roulette bets can count towards the wagering requirement. In effect, that means if you intend to fulfil the terms of the bonus and withdraw your wins you need to wager a cumulative total of at least ₤4,000 on roulette. The wagers can only be from your bonus funds.

As for free spins, they are usually limited to selection of games, but this can vary depending on the casino hosting the bonus.

Bet and Winning Limits

As made clear in the list above, jackpot games usually do not count when fulfilling wagering requirements. The reason is obvious because a player who signs up for a bonus on a jackpot game can win millions with a single spin. This can result in the casino losing lots of money and that is precisely why jackpot games are barred in most casino bonuses. Anyway, even if jackpot games are supported in bonuses, that is unlikely to be of many benefits to players. The reason this is so is that most bonuses have a maximum winning limit that cannot be exceeded. This might be ₤20, 50, or ₤100. 

Most bonuses also regulate player behaviour in some form. Remember the example posted above? Here it is again:

“New players only. Wagering requirements apply, with wagering from cash balance first. Wagering requirements of 40X bonus, calculated on bonus bets only, and with contribution varying by game. Bonus betting and winnings capped. Bonus valid for 14 days only. Full terms and conditions apply.”

In case you missed it, this warns that the “bonus betting and winnings” will be capped. This is stated on the front page and the exact nature of the capping is detailed there. Still, we will try to explain. Now, bonus betting and winnings are capped by limiting the bet to around ₤5. The casino might also choose to apply varying bet limits to all supported games in the bonus.

So as not to make players angry or wake them up to the consequences of what they are doing, most casinos prefer to use ambiguous terms when describing their bonuses and its limits. The term “Conversion” is for example often used to refer to the maximum that a player can win. What that means is that a bonus with a conversion of 5x the starting bonus amount, which happens to be ₤10, players cannot win more than 5x that amount, ie ₤50. That means that regardless of whether players parlayed their starting bonus into thousands of pounds in wins, they can only convert the bonus wins into ₤50 cash and withdraw same. Winning limits are either stated as a flat sum, example ₤50. They might also be expressed in multiples like 5x, 10x and so on. Free spins bonuses usually have winning limits that are expressed as a flat sum like ₤100.

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Just about every casino bonus has a time limit within which the bonus must be completed and wins if any claimed. The typical bonus has a time period of around 2 weeks or so. At the end of this period, all bonus wins and funds in the bonus account will simply disappear like they never existed. Now, having a time period compels players to do all that they can and bet all that they can within that narrow window. This is cool but can be problematic for problem gamblers who might spend the whole time limit liquidating their assets and betting money they cannot afford to lose.

Playing Fair

For some reason, most players never bother to read to the end of the T&C applicable to any casino bonus. Should they do so, they are very likely to find a stipulation that they are obligated to play fairly or else. This is usually termed irregular play and there is no universal and correct description for it. Of concern to most players is the fact that the responsibility for defining irregular play is rested on the casino itself. That’s right. The casino reserves the sole right to determine that a style of play adopted by a player is an attempt at cheating and so cancel the bonus or even ban the player. Most players remain ignorant of this provision and so play in ways that the casino might feel to be dishonest.

Now, let’s see take a close look at these terms. The terms usually contain a warning of sorts against playing either by oneself or in association with others in ways that guarantee profit no matter what. So does that mean winning is effectively banned and playing to win is frowned upon by the casino. It does appear so.


  • Roulette bets on over 24 numbers;
  • Roulette bets on both colours;
  • Roulette bets on all dozens;
  • Roulette bets on both odds and even;
  • Roulette bets on all columns;
  • Roulette bets on 1 run of 18 numbers;
  • Baccarat bets on both player and banker in the same round.

Now, some players opt to fulfil their wagering requirements by winning considerable amounts from low weighted games and then porting to high weighted games. Most casinos, however, frown on this.

Now, just about all the roulette and baccarat bets detailed above are almost destined to wins or as winnable as predicting the advent of the seasons. And that is why players are usually forbidden from making those types of bets. As for winning at low weighted games and then moving to high weighted ones to fulfil all righteousness, that is sensible, though most casinos don’t agree.

The fact that players are barred from making gambling decisions favourable to them and that casinos themselves decide if any rule has been broken and apply sanctions make casinos dangerous places to be. Then there is the fact that any casino can arbitrarily assert that a player who won massive amounts was cheating in some form they are not obliged to share and then withhold wind and ban such a player. In most casinos, cheating has an absurdly wide definition and can be used to apply to any situation that that casino desires. All this means is that it is best that players thoroughly understand the ins and outs of any casino bonus before signing up for same. While they might be able to lodge a complaint at a casino and possibly apply to a regulator to get their wins reinstated, this is not an easy thing to do nor is success guaranteed.

Casino Bonuses V the Networks: a one-shot deal

We know that most casinos have welcome bonuses of some sort. These bonuses apply to new players only. This is a good type of bonus, but might be more complicated than most might imagine. Now, the casino industry is filled with sites and big networks. This offers much the same services and bonuses while being branded in different names.

What this means is that you might register at a new online casino and apply for a welcome bonus, only to find that such bonus cannot be given because according to the casino your name is featured on the company’s books because you registered at another site that happens to be affiliated with their network. It might also be that the site itself is not new, and is an old casino dressed up in new clothing.

This should normally be of no concern for most. It is however worth bearing in mind if you are thinking of going on a casino-registering spree and signing up for any lush casino bonus you come across. Our recommendation is for you to do your due diligence and sign up for the long term at the most reputable online casino sites, instead of chasing bonuses like a squirrel after acorns.

Beyond the Welcome Mat

Now, your eyes are no doubt bound to be open by now. That means you can see casino bonuses not as free money that Santa is blessing you with, but as a ploy by the casino, that benefits it in ways small and mighty. In that case, the function of welcome bonuses is pretty much obvious. Such bonuses are designed to make new players sign up, fund their online casino account and delight in all the sweet games and more that this or that casino has in abundance.

Welcome bonuses are typical of most casino bonuses and quite good at what they do. However, to keep players happy, rather than intent on porting to another online casino and signing up for a welcome bonus, something more is required. This comes in the form of a veritable slew of other bonuses, loyalty programs and the like that serves to convince players to keep faith with the casino they registered on and get rewarded for that.

These bonuses can be rather varied and are covered to some extent below.

The Deposit Bonus Sequence

The welcome bonus has only one aim and that is to convince players to deposit to claim their bonus. This means players essentially give the casino money before the casino will consent to give their money in return. That makes a little sense if we do say so and keep on remembering that any casino operates solely to make money, rather than as a social service.

The headline welcome bonus often boasts an arresting figure. This is might be over £1,000 or is listed as being over 300%. Should this be the case, it is likely that the bonus is not a standard welcome bonus, but rather a successive series of deposit bonuses that kick in with each consecutive deposit. This means that players who make a deposit get more and more rewards. This serves to encourage rapid deposits, which is, of course, good for the casino concerned, but not so good for the player who will face decreasing returns for each successive deposit.

Here’s an example:

  • First deposit: 100% bonus of up to £200.
  • Second deposit: 50% bonus of up to £400.
  • Third deposit: 25% bonus of up to £400.
  • Fourth deposit: 25% up to £400.

The above makes it possible for the casino hosting this type of bonus to claim a headline figure of an impressive £1,400. This makes the bonus sound like an irresistible deal that players better rush to scoop up if they know what is good for them.

However, the fact is that these kinds of bonuses are not favourable to the player. To get the most from these kinds of bonuses, the player needs to deposit increasingly bigger sums. This means that £200 is necessary to get the first bonus, £400 for the second bonus, and then £1,600 apiece for the third and fourth bonus. That means that to get the entire bonus detailed above, players need to cough up around £4,200. That sounds terrible enough, but the more outstanding fact is that the deposit money itself -£1,400- will come with strict wagering requirements of the sort we detailed earlier.

What this means is that to get the most out of this particular bonus, players need to deposit a cumulative total of £4,200 into their online casino account. They can then play around with £168,000 in bonus funds for a limited period. That is just about impossible to accomplish. While we are not against the entirety of deposit sequence bonuses, we do feel strongly that folks should first thoroughly research them and be mindful of their strict wagering requirements before signing up for them.

The Regular Deposit Bonus

Casinos exist to make money. For that to happen folks need to play regularly and deposit regularly. To make that possible, most casinos have deposit bonuses that are constantly active, especially in some particular days or period of the month. Mondays happen to be quite popular. Perhaps because on Mondays most folk are still so hungover from their weekend bingeing that they seek solace in online casino games. Some casinos choose to host their bonuses on Fridays, with this making sure that players have a weekend in which to enjoy themselves.

These type of bonuses are usually not as big as welcome bonuses. They are most often expressed in monetary values that convince players to make a deposit, like put in £10 and get £5 today”! These types of bonuses should be utilised wisely and the T&C should be thoroughly checked before signing up.

Money for Nothing, Spins for Free

Just about everyone likes free things and for obvious reasons. Casinos exploit this by offering free spins for this and that. Casinos use free spins like a fisherman uses a hook and line to catch and reel in fish. The free spins serve to persuade players to log into a casino and have some free fun. When the spins are finished, the player is most likely thrilled at his/her experience and will seek to recreate it by funding his/her online casino account and paying for spins. That is why free spins are easily the most common casino bonuses to be found. Some casinos do bless regular players with free spins that thank them for sticking around.


There is no casino player living who likes wagering requirements. None likes losing too and so some casinos step in by offering losers a consolation prize of sorts in the form of cashback. Most cashback offers are time-limited and scope limited. They might, for example, instruct players to claim back 30% of their wins on Starburst on Wednesday after losing on Monday. This does sound sweet. Players, however, are encouraged to read the fine print and learn the details of this kind of bonus. It might for example state that the players gets real funds back or bonus funds. The two are of course as different as night and day, with the latter featuring wagering requirements of some sort.

The Big Deal – the Loyalty Programme

Bonuses are divided into two types: those that come singly and those that rain down with a will! Loyalty programs are a good example of the latter. Loyalty programs are simple enough. They work in the same way as other loyalty programs in the local gym or supermarket. This means that the more money is spent, the more the spender is qualified to receive increasingly hefty rewards that make the spender spend more and more.

Casino loyalty programs come in many types and assume varied dimensions. They typically feature free spins, cashback, free tournament entry, deposit bonuses and more. As players progress up a loyalty program, they can get rewarded with the sort of bonuses that are normally the exclusive preserve of VIP programme members. This can include access to new portions of the casino site, account managers, priority contact numbers and more. Indeed, loyalty programs are often badged as VIP programs and the two can be often indistinguishable.

What is Free Spins No Deposit?

Waiting to begin your journey at a top online casino? It’s worth getting familiarized with a few key terms used at casinos to enhance your winning opportunities. Among the choicest freebies offered by the casinos are the free spins no deposit. These are given away as complimentary game rounds on video slots without the players having to deposit any money with the casino. 

Free spins no deposit enables players to try new games without a deposit as there’s nothing to lose. Make sure you read the terms and conditions as they are always tagged with wagering requirements. Free spins without a deposit are usually offered on specific slot games. You might find the potential winnings also limited to a certain amount. This is done to prevent eventual loss to the casino as players can accrue big wins with additional spins. 

Remember the catch

Yes, free spins are free and when you don’t need to deposit a penny, they are all the more enticing. Most casinos offer free spins upon a minimum deposit made by the players into their casino account. In the case of no deposit free spins, you get an added advantage but these are rare. If your casino offers these, all you need is to simply submit the registration details and claim your free spins package. Some sites may require you to contact their customer support desk to activate these spins. This is a way to safeguard the casino against any form of misuse of their bonus offers. 

Winnings from free spins 

There’s nothing better than registering at an online casino that allows you to keep the winnings from the free spins given away without any deposits from your end. Although that appears like a dream, it is possible to stumble upon such offers. Free spins mean that you can withdraw winnings accrued from the extra spins. The only thing that needs to be looked at is the wagering requirements as these can be over the top. 

What is meant by Deposit Free Spins? 

Deposit free spins refer to the bonus that you get upon making a deposit. Here, you will have to deposit an amount; although it could be a very meagre sum it turns will be rewarded free rounds on the chosen slot machine. Like other casino bonuses, deposit free spins come are also conditioned, especially with wagering conditions. This means that you will have to wager the winnings that you make from these free spins to make them eligible for withdrawal. There are a few casinos that keep free spins free from wagering requirements but these are a selected few.

Where can you get free spins?

Most online casinos today offer free spins on slot games. Slots occupy a majority of the games lobby at most sites and if your chosen site offers free spins on a specific slot game, you can redeem it. You may also come across casinos that do not provide any no-deposit free spins and in such places, you will have to deposit to claim your free spins. 

Wagering requirement on Free Spins Explained

A wagering requirement refers to the conditions levied by your casino stating that you need to use the winnings from the free spins a certain number of times before being able to withdraw the money won from your account. It is exemplified here for your understanding. For instance, your wagering requirement is x25 and you win a sum of £100, you will have to wager £2500 to be eligible to collect your winnings from the bonus into your bank account. Some casinos like Bethard, Guts, InstaCasino and Rizk don’t tie wagering conditions as mentioned earlier. You can find more such sites that would allow you to enjoy winnings from free spins without fretting over the wagering requirements. 

A perspective on Free Spins 

You can call free spins perks or incentives that are given to slot players where they can spin for free without having to stake any money out of their pockets. This also minimizes the risk of losing any money as you can spin the reel more number of times for free. If you have selected an online casino that offers 15 free spins, you can spin the reels 15x without having to place a wager. Also, it’s a win-win situation as you will get to keep the wins accumulate from these additional spins. 

Even if you play a slot with adjustable paylines, you will be able to enjoy the free spins on the smallest of wagering amounts and maximum paylines. If your site offers free spins on a slot designed with 25 paylines and 0.10 cents as the minimum wagering amount, the total value of free spins would always turn out to be £2.5.

Online gambling has emerged as an innovative medium of entertainment where players can gamble within a safe environment even from their comfort nests. No deposit free, free spins, cashback bonuses, match deposit bonuses, welcome offers and other generous bonus offers are extended to both new and existing players to ensure player loyalty and maintain a competitive edge over counterparts in the industry. Although the size of a bonus could vary across casinos, bonuses, especially free spins are worth claiming. 

Types of Casino Bonuses Offered by Online Casinos

All online casino bonuses are designed to attract players. Casinos offer some generous bonuses to allure people into trying certain slots for free or a lower amount than usual. However, each casino offers different types of bonuses to cater to the varying needs of players. Here we’ve mentioned the most common types of bonuses the standard casinos offer to the new and existing players.

No Deposit Bonuses

Who wouldn’t like to play the slot and win some cash prize without depositing money into their casino account? First, you get to play the slot for free. If you win the game, you earn the cash prize without depositing anything into your casino account. However, the withdrawing terms for such bonuses are quite complicated. But, that doesn’t matter!

We allow people to search for casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. All you got to do is filter the search results by “Bonus Type” or navigate straight to our page of no deposit bonuses.

Note: Make sure that no deposit bonuses are specifically designed for new players. Casinos offer such bonuses to encourage people to sign up with the platform. However, some casinos offer no deposit bonuses to their existing players to boost their confidence and reward them for being a loyal customer.

Deposit Bonuses, Welcome Bonus Packages, Sign Up Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are designed for new players, who have recently signed up with a casino. It is to encourage them to make the first few deposits and claim the deposit bonus. However, deposit bonuses are also offered to the existing players. But, the term ‘deposit bonus’ is often used to define the promotional offers provided to the new players. That’s the reason why deposit bonuses are commonly termed as Sign up bonuses and welcome bonuses.

The total value of such bonuses can vary depending on the funds deposited by individual players. The deposit bonuses are expressed as a specific percentage of the total amount deposited into the casino account. Sure, people who deposit more can expect a big bonus in return. But, that’s not the case always. Casinos often put certain restrictions on the value of the bonus.

Sort our search result by ‘bonus type’ and access the list of the casinos that offer sign-up, deposit, and welcome bonuses.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are similar to the welcome or sign-up bonuses, with the only difference between the two being the players they are given to. Unlike welcome bonuses that are designed to attract new players, reload bonuses are for existing players. These are specially given to the players who have been a part of the casino for quite some time but have been inactive. This motivates them to get back to the casino and earn the exciting reload bonuses.

Get a complete list of the reload bonuses offered by different casinos by sorting our search results by ‘Bonus Type’.

Cashback Bonuses

These bonuses are mostly provided to the existing players of the casino, however, they can be offered to new players as well. As the name implies, cashback bonuses return a certain percent of the funds you have lost on slots. There is a separate page featuring all the interesting cashback bonuses offered by multiple casinos. Alternatively, you could opt for the ‘Bonus Type’ filter to access the list of the cashback bonuses.

Loyalty Programs

Each casino has a unique yet exciting loyalty program that is designed to cater to different audiences. Basically, loyalty programs offer some reward points or loyalty points to the existing players who have crossed a specific level. The more you play at a casino, the more loyalty points you collect. This will up your level and help you get closer to the VIP program. Some casinos allow players to use the loyalty points to shop for certain items.

Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive bonuses are offered to only a limited number of players i.e. the ones who register an account with a casino using a particular website’s link.

What Games Players can Play with the Casino Bonuses?

We have already mentioned how casino bonuses can be enjoyed with some exquisite online slots. Claim the bonus amount and use it on some exciting casino titles such as Rainbow Slots, Age of the Gods, Book of Dead, Starburst, etc.

Not only slot machines, but players can also get 2020 casino bonus on table games. The bonuses can be used on Blackjack, Roulette, and other table games. Additionally, these casino bonuses are also available on live dealer games.

It might sound quite tiring, but reading the terms and conditions of a casino will give you the best experience at a new casino platform. You will get a complete insight into the casino games and the bonuses. For slots, here’s a list of what you need to keep in mind:

  • Coin Value – Coin value is the amount you’d like to stake on the pay line. The minimum limit is £0.02 while the maximum could go up to £2.00.
  • Bet level – Even though it isn’t a compulsory feature, some slots have a specific bet level. Bet level helps you customize your stake.

So, this was about slots. If you are looking for bonuses on live dealer games and table games, your focus should be on quite a few essential factors. Sure, you could leverage the best deposit bonus and get some exciting rewards to start the game. But that won’t change the outcome. It depends on how well you plan the strategy for the game. Here’s a list of what to consider when playing Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and other table games:

  • Strategy – table games are all about strategies. You need to have a perfect strategy to beat the dealer and win it.
  • Bets – Make sure that Roulette allows you to place a stake on all sorts of wagers including split bets and double streets.
  • Soft and Hard hand – The ace value for soft hands is equal to either 1 or 11, while the same for hard hands is 1.

Each online casino offers a unique set of games that have different rules. It is best to know about the game first, and plan a strategy before you get started. Claim the best casino bonuses and have some fun time playing at your favourite casino.

How Can Players Use These Online Casino Offers to their Advantage?

Everyone wants to try some new online casino sites that offer exciting bonuses to the new players. Casinos have allowed easy access to all these bonuses. You don’t have to go through a stressful or complicated procedure to claim the bonus.

Those who already have an account with the casino can log into their casino account to claim the bonus. The new players need to register an account with the casino to enjoy the bonus features. To make the signup process easier for you, we have come up with some easy steps:

  1. Check out all best casino bonuses in the industry
  2. Select the best promo offer and hit the blue button
  3. The link will take you to the casino, where you can tap the sign-up or create an account button
  4. Fill the registration form and submit the necessary details (make sure that the information you submit should be your personal info. It must be accurate).
  5. Upload a government ID proof to verify your identity and age
  6. You need to meet the required conditions of a casino to qualify for the bonus offer
  7. Once you are done depositing the funds into your casino account, you will get to claim the bonus.

Note: the casino will credit the free spins or extra cash when you play the game.

Latest Casino Bonuses: The Final Assessment

We are confident that this guide has covered all aspects of online and latest casino bonuses. Of these bonuses, the most common is the welcome bonus and these are aimed at players who are ignorant of how casinos make their money.

What we have detailed in the article above is by no means intended to make you give up online gambling or refrain from claiming casino bonuses. We aim to alert you to the fact that no matter how lush they might seem it is often best to simply refuse a bonus due to its onerous Terms and conditions.

Worth noting at all times is that casino bonuses exist for a reason. They are not there because casinos are eager to give away money or are tired of making so much money. Instead, they are there because the casino benefits in ways great and small from the existence of the varied bonuses they offer. Should you feel that a casino bonus has more pros than cons, it is best to just walk away, rather than get taken for a ride you might end up regretting.

While most bonuses look lush and are tempting, it is worth remembering that the number of bonuses that can get you rich might be counted on a single hand with room to spare. So, it might be best to just consider bonuses as providing free access to an online casino, rather than an unmissable opportunity to get rich quick and at the casino’s expense.

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