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A crowned game developer, Evolution Gaming has created a niche in the iGaming industry. If you are eying live-casino games, you cannot miss Evolution Gaming. With its innovative collection of live casino games, this gaming software company has made it to the top-rated list of casino game providers. Real money online Roulette games from Evolution Gaming are famous for their intuitive interface and rewarding features. It is among one of the most stunning Roulette games in its catalogue.

Evolution Gaming is known for its high roll-out level and qualitative production. It is one of those gaming maestros that offer an authentic live casino experience to casino enthusiasts. Indian players can enjoy immersive casino gaming anytime, anywhere, with Evolution’s responsive gaming software.

Where to Play EG’s Double Ball Roulette in India

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Evolution Gaming’s Double Ball Roulette Online 

Although most Roulette games follow the same basic principle, some variants, such as the Double Ball Roulette, come with a few reformed rules. Even if you have already played a Roulette game, it will make sense first to get acclimatized with the new rules of the Double Ball Roulette before trying it out with real money. The options and betting limits are also unique to the game. Unlike many other Roulette variants, this game uses two Roulette balls, which impacts the win probabilities.

If you wish to win inside bets, one of the Roulette balls will have to land on the appropriate number as chosen while betting. However, in the case of the outside bets, both the Roulette balls will have to land in the respective area. This sums up that the former bet offers more chances, whereas the latter offers lesser winning chances to a player.

Spin gold

Yes, Evolution Gaming’s Double Ball Roulette game allows players to place gold bets. It refers to a bet where players can bet on a number where they expect both the balls to land. These bets are designed with respective payouts, equivalent to 35:1 and 1300:1.

Players get around a minute to place their bets. A player can bet one or more bets within the prescribed time and the given table limits. Once all the players have placed their bets, the dealer hits the button on the Roulette wheel to launch the balls for the game to proceed.

Features of EG Double Ball Roulette Game

Double Ball Roulette isn’t very different from other Roulette tables. Among the distinct features that you see in this game is that the two balls with which the game is played are dropped simultaneously into the Roulette wheel. The wheel flaunts a European Roulette design enabling Indian players to enjoy hours of gaming live. Just like other live casino games, Double Ball Roulette is also facilitated by a real human croupier. The dealer is the immediate host of the game at all times.

Once all the bets are placed, the dealer starts the game by spinning the wheel with the help of a lever attached to the wheel.

Exhilarating fun on Double Ball Roulette

While other than two balls and the betting limits, not much is different in the Double Ball Roulette; you need to be familiar with the rules to make the most of your winning opportunities. The game offers inside bets, allowing players to place their bets directly on numbers. The outside bets are the ones that will enable players to place their bets on numbers in groups.

It is possible to win an inside bet in a game of Double Ball Roulette. These include your corner bets, single number bets as well as split bets. All this is possible only when either of the two balls lands on your selected number. In case of an outside bet, both your balls need to land on a chosen pocket. So, if you have a bet on red, you will win only when both the Roulette balls on the wheel land on that colour.

A glimpse of the payout table 

Double Ball Roulette enables a greater chance of placing winning bets, and thus the payouts are adjusted in the game. Herr’s how the inside bet payouts and outside bet payouts for the Double Ball Roulette game are distributed.

Inside bet payouts

Straight-up bet fetches 17:1

Split gives 8:1

A street bet can offer 5:1

A corner bet gets your 3:5:1

Line bet offers 2:1

Outside bet payouts

Column bets offer 8:1

Colour bets offer 8:1

Dozen 1:1

Odd/Even 3:1

Low/High 3:1

If you place gold bets on your Double Ball Roulette game, you can expect a payout of 35:1. For this unique wager, you will be rewarded only when both the Roulette balls land on the same number. If you are seeking an opportunity to win big, the latter can pay a chunky 1300:1.

Advantages of playing Double Ball Roulette 

It is a unique game designed with exclusive double balls. The novel betting options provide opportunities to walk away as a Crorepati and provide engaging gambling sessions. The maximum payout of 1300: 1 is the highest among all other live Roulette games in the industry. Another highlight of the Double Ball Roulette game is that the balls are launched mechanically by a live croupier by pulling the contraction lever located on the Roulette wheel. Last but not least, this game from EG offers two winning numbers from one spin, thereby offering double winning chances.


A game with pleasant surprises, Live Double Ball Roulette is a thoroughly thrilling game. An innovative variant of the regular Roulette game has some of the most rewarding features one can imagine on a Live Roulette game. The Roulette wheel with a mechanical ball launching facility and renewed betting options, EG’s Double Ball Roulette game vouches for a fascinating live gaming experience. The fats paced rounds, the appealing payouts table, and the winning chances add to this classic casino game’s charm.

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