Astropay Card

Deposit Guide for Online Casino India using Astropay Card

AstroPay is an online prepaid card that got popular recently. Astropay allows you to make payments without sharing personal information with a third party when playing at online casinos.

Given below is a guide to using Astropay in India.

Play in an Astropay casino in India:

Beyond the grey legal status of online casinos in India, there is concern about licensed entities, fair gambling, and variations in exchange rates. However, the convenience of transferring funds is more than anything. Deposits should be fast and secure, especially if you are playing for real money. Even better if anonymity can be assured. After all, when it comes to online gambling, the players’ confidence obediently follows the confidence of the payers. It is where AstroPay enters the storyline as a boss.

An AstroPay casino in India offers the facility of instant money transfer and protects internet bettors by saying no to personal bank details. It also guarantees total anonymity, which is a significant asset, protecting global players from the risk of confiscation and censorship.

Most importantly, it enables monetary transactions in local currency without charging end users. Because this payment gateway offers many benefits, we have sorted out the best Indian casinos that are legitimate, regulated, trusted, and support AstroPay deposits. Why not try our choices? Check out the list above.

Best Astro Pay Casinos in India

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What is AstroPay?

AstroPay is one of the fastest-growing platforms that has revolutionized the process of transferring money across borders. This platform enables seamless payment with enhanced security and avoids the typical hassle of denials, fraud, local taxes, and credit approval.

Because the deposits are instant, anonymous, and in the local currency, the platform could gain the adoration of the crowd. Founded in 2009 and based in London, England, this new-age payment solution has established its presence in emerging markets in Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

Currently operating in 12 countries, AstroPay is supported by numerous regional banks and electronic wallets to facilitate monetary transactions at localized levels. Perhaps the most significant benefit is that users don’t need to give out personal and financial information to take advantage of this platform — one reason it has successfully infiltrated the world of online gambling, giving punters the confidence to fund their casino accounts without going into a flap.

The icing on the cake is the freedom to choose prepaid limits, which helps keep player spending under control. By focusing on extreme convenience, AstroPay has undoubtedly caused a stir!


Can I claim casino bonuses with Astropay?

If the relevant casino offers bonuses and accepts AstroPay, you can make a claim. However, we suggest you go through all the terms and conditions before signing up.

Is it safe to deposit with Astropay?

Absolutely! You will not share any personal or banking information. This makes AstroPay as secure as homes!

Who is behind Astropay?

Latin American telecommunications entrepreneur Sergio Fogel is the face behind AstroPay. A computer science graduate from Technion and a graduate of INSEAD School B, Fontainebleau, France, Fogel has worked as a researcher for the IBM research lab in Haifa and worked as a regional sales manager for a company called Oracle Corp in the past.

How do I get an Astropay account?

The process is simple. Register on AstroPay, log into your account, buy a card of the desired value, confirm payment in your local currency and you’re done! You have your account ready! All details will be sent to you after payment is received.

How do you transfer Indian Rupees to your Astropay account?

You can transfer the Indian Rupees by a direct cash deposit or a bank transfer in your AstroPay account. To transfer money, first register with AstroPay and choose a prepaid card in the 25 to 500 denomination range. Confirm the payment so that you can receive the card details and start using it at an Indian online casino that accepts AstroPay.

How does it work?

AstroPay allows store-valued prepaid cards called AstroPay cards, which can be routed through local banking channels. It is allowed to use the payment method to fund casino accounts without credit or debit card support. The payment gateway has a super-local network in India where regional banks play a role.

Astropay has two different cards:

It has an AstroPay VISA card and prepaid card. Both have different deposit methods. The VISA card is used like a normal debit card. On the cashier’s webpage, you will have to fill in the required details and confirm the request for the payment, and get approved. However, If you want to buy the prepaid card of Astro Pay you will have to first register on the official website of AstroPay and buy it.

All virtual cards are valid for one year after purchase or until the funds it contains have been used. These are the five simple steps in order to start using the AstroPay prepaid card:

Register: visit the official website and register on the platform. Create your AstroPay Card India account and login for free.

Purchase: Depending on your needs, choose a card of your choice. The amount can range from 25 to 500 USD which is Rs.1700 to Rs.34600. So in order to make a purchase, confirm the payment method.

Pay: AstroPay offers several Indian Rupee payment options. If you wish you can pay the amount by using a wire transfer.

Completed: You will find your transaction details in your email after confirming payment and AstroPay has received the same. It includes a unique 16-digit card number and a 3-digit CVV security code.

Enjoy the Profit:

  1. Follow the instructions that you received in your email to start benefiting from your virtual debit card.
  2. Join any AstroPay casino on our list, go straight to the cashier and enter your card details along with the deposit amount.
  3. Confirm your transaction and start playing!

Apart from that, AstroPay has also launched its flagship electronic payment service called AstroPay Direct. It allows direct online banking through the official website of partner banks and electronic wallets. We can expect an AstroPay electronic wallet for better, smoother, and more secure online money transactions in the near future.

How to pay at an online casino using AstroPay?

Depositing money into your online casino account with AstroPay is very easy. This is like using credit or debit cards to deposit money. A player must select AstroPay Card as their deposit option in the cashier section of the relevant casino and fill in the required information like the amount to deposit, 16-digit card number, CVV code, and card expiration date. To put it simply, we have selected the best online casinos that accept AstroPay. Just choose one and go straight to the cashier.

Ensure that the amount you want to deposit can be covered by the funds available on your card. Once the transaction is confirmed, the funds will immediately appear in the casino account balance. You can now start browsing the game library and play any casino game you want. Deposits with AstroPay are free. Additionally, the casino could reward bettors with bonuses for every deposit. However, prepaid cards are not rechargeable. But you can use a single card to make multiple payments. Alternatively, various cards can be purchased and combined.

How to withdraw INR from an online casino with Astropay?

At this time, AstroPay does not allow withdrawing earnings or requesting refunds. Gambling enthusiasts should find other ways to cash in, which could include wire transfers, e-wallets, or even credit cards. It shouldn’t be too much trouble as trusted AstroPay casinos always have many safe choices for withdrawal.

The advantages of using Astropay for casino and gambling:

Instant money transfer, enhanced security levels, and player protection have made AstroPay a choice rather than an option in the world of online betting. Deposits that are made with complete privacy without any chargebacks make this method of payment even more special.

Funds to spend can be predetermined so that players can pull strings for their spending and prevent impulse deposits. Importantly, AstroPay cards can be purchased in many local currencies supported by regional banking methods.

At this point, the payment system is a favorite when it comes to casinos and online gaming.

The essential advantages are given below:

  • Player protection: Discrete payments are made by not sharing any sensitive financial information.
  • No Fees: No fees for end-users to make a deposit.
  • Security: Website protected by TLS encryption.
  • Instant money transfer: fast, easy, and confidential.
  • Insurance: 100% guaranteed payments.
  • Prepaid option: to keep spending control.
  • Flexibility: Reasonable card values ​​(25–500 USD).
  • Wide Acceptance: Supported by leading casino brands around the world. Global Footprint: Perfect for cross-border money transactions.


To conclude, it is clear that Astropay has kept customer satisfaction as its utmost priority. It has been specially designed to simplify local money transfers when traditional payment methods fail or are absent. This is why, despite its regional orientation, it has been able to extend its services worldwide. Astro pay gives you an easy way for instant deposits that are secure and confidential. These are coupled with benefits like flexibility, zero chargebacks, and a guarantee of payments. It is the upcoming hero in the online gaming space.

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