Game of Skill

Online Rummy in India

Rummy is a popular card game of skill in India that requires you to demonstrate real skills. A lot of research is needed to find the best websites for playing rummy for real money and we have listed the best ones the offer great game of rummy in India. Check them out below.

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Online Poker in India

The rise in online poker platforms has given rise to a lot of curiosity about the game. Nearly 50 lakh players have signed up on various platforms in India over the past few years. We have listed below some of the top providers and the most popular ones in India currently.

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Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports started took off a source of sheer entertainment for a group of friends. Gradually, from the US it won the interest of millions across the world. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the most fascinating online sports community. The List below shares the top Fantasy Sports brands and the bonuses offered.

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A Look at the Gaming Industry in India

Gaming has a universal appeal regardless of the age group of people and other factors. The gaming industry has experienced a paradigm shift with the development of technology. The evolution of online gaming models, television and a surge in the gaming sites over the past few years have enormously impacted the way the world views the gaming sector. The growth potential of the gaming industry in the Indian subcontinent is optimistic.

Several foreign companies are trying to tap into the potential that persists in the Indian market by setting up operations in the country. However, not all countries offer a conducive business environment for operating gaming businesses. The laws are quite stringent in India when it comes to the business environment.  

Gambling is believed to be an act of betting or wagering for money on a game of chance as per most of the legislations in the world. However, it does not include

  • Lotteries
  • Games of chance
  • Games of skill

Game of Skill

A game is considered to be a game of skill if the success in the game is dependent entirely on the knowledge, attention, training, adroitness, experience, capabilities, and personal attributes of the player. You cannot rule out the element of chance in such games. However, it is the skill factor that plays a dominant role in deciding the outcome of games of skill. Games of skill are considered to fall under a separate category as various states in India excluding Telangana, Orissa, and Assam have categorized gambling acts that exclude games of skill from the domain of gambling. Fantasy sports, Rummy and Horse Racing are the popular online games in India that have been categorized as games of skill.     

Online Rummy in India

Different variants of card games are played all over the world. However, Rummy has managed to gain a lot of popularity. Different variants of the game of Rummy can be played such as the basic version and Canasta. However, these are also based on the concept of accumulating melds. A meld is considered as a run of cards that can either be three or more sequential cards belonging to the same suit or be in sets of three or four cards belonging to the same rank.

You can demonstrate skill in this card game by memorizing the discarded cards and estimating the probability of landing useful cards mentally either from recent discards or from the closed deck. The most engaging aspect of the game is the skill needed to win the game. Millions of gamers in India as well as in other countries find the gameplay to be quite competitive. There are four to five major operators who dominate the format of skill games in the country with their operations lasting for over five years.    

Fantasy Sports in India

Fantasy sports games require the players to create virtual teams based on certain norms from a list of players who are slated to play in a real game for a given day. The users will have to pay an entry fee for entering a contest that is pooled for distributing amongst the users. The amount is distributed to the winners after deducting an administrative or service fee to the games provider.

The users can draft their teams depending upon their knowledge, experience, and attention regarding a sporting event. The user gains points depending upon the performance of the players chosen by the player to draft his/her virtual team. The users are then ranked based on the points accumulated by them throughout the contest as per the scoring metrics. In India, the games covered by the fantasy sports operators include Basketball, Kabaddi, football and cricket. There are a lot of new entrants in the fantasy sports market segment in India. However, there is just one major operator who is clearly ruling the market in India currently.    

Horse Racing

Most of the states in India have embraced the Public Gambling Act 1867. There is an amendment in this act that is pertaining to horse racing. The sport has been specifically excluded from the act. The Supreme Court of India has categorized horse racing and associated betting as a game of skill. Hence, it is allowed in licensed premises mostly all over the country. 

Online Game of Skill

There is no clear definition of online gambling in India under the state enactments. Skill-based games can be played online in almost all states except Odisha, Assam, and Telangana. In Nagaland, several games can be played on websites that have been licensed by the state government. Nagaland Prohibition of Gambling and Promotion and Regulation of Online Games Skill Act of 2015 covers Bridge, Nap, Rummy and Poker along with other specific games. The West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competition Act of 1959 covers Nap, rummy and Poker.  

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