Gambling Laws in Maharashtra

Gambling that takes place in the brick-and-mortar casinos in India is considered illegal, except for a few states. The only types of sports betting that are considered legally acceptable in Maharashtra are horseracing and games of skill.

Betting on any game of chance or luck is considered illegal in Maharashtra. Currently, there is no gambling house or any sports betting place where you could wager on your favourite sport in the state. The only way to participate in gambling and sports betting in Maharashtra without breaking the laws is by trying your luck in the online casino.

Maharashtra’s Gambling Act

Maharashtra Prevention of Gambling Act 1887 is followed for all types of gambling regulations in the state. However, the laws are considered a little outdated, as they were created decades ago. Besides that, they are not considered relevant in the modern world. This act strictly prohibits any gambling activity taking place in the gambling house.

If you are caught running any gambling house or taking part in any illegal activity, you will be charged a penalty of INR 200 and a one-month prison. As mentioned above, horse racing is considered legally acceptable in Maharashtra and so does the games of skill as well as lottery.

As long as these sites are based in international countries, it is absolutely safe for gamblers to place bets on these sports. The gambling laws of Maharashtra are quite intense, but they are quite similar to the Public Gambling Act of 1867.

Mumbai Casinos

You might not find any legal casino in Mumbai, as the laws are pretty strict and there is no way you could participate in any illegal gambling activity. However, people still risk it by operating illegal gambling houses, since the punishment isn’t that serious.

If you are a huge fan of online gambling, there is always an option for trying your luck at the casinos based in Goa. There are many legal casinos in Goa and it’s absolutely safe to wager at any brick and mortar casino in the state.

The major issue with the gambling laws of Maharashtra is that they date back to the late 18th century when the internet did not exist. That means, there is nothing stopping players from gambling at online casinos.


Among the 13 states that allow lotteries, Maharashtra is one of the states where it is absolutely legal to buy lotteries. According to the Lotteries Regulation Act 1998, only the authorized people can sell lottery tickets. Make sure that buying and selling unauthorized tickets could result in a 2-year sentence.

The lottery industry in the state has been operating for the past few decades, and the income generated from the lottery is mainly used for building the infrastructure of the state and providing high-quality healthcare services. The tickets are available for just INR 30 and the prize can be drawn every day.

Sports Betting

You are only allowed to betting on horseracing, which is so far the only acceptable sport for gambling. That doesn’t mean gamblers do not use other opportunities when it comes to cricket betting in India. There is no denying that illegal sports betting is not uncommon in Maharashtra.

The Public Gaming Act of 1867 is followed when it comes to sports betting in Mumbai and other cities of Maharashtra. Like other cities, you can place your bets at casinos based in international countries.

Wondering why it’s allowed?

People are allowed to place bets on horse tracks because it is a game of skill. If you manage to win the bet, you will have to pay 30.9% tax on the income earned from sports betting.

Games of Skill

Any game of skill, including some types of card games, is considered absolutely legal. This includes poker, Teen Patti casino real money, and rummy. Supreme Court has declared these games as games of skill. Then again, these games must not be played for cash at a gambling house. You are allowed to play it with your friends at home or in a park or other setting.

If you want to play these games online, make sure that you play them at a casino that’s based outside India. The major benefit of online gambling is that you will get a chance to place a bet on a variety of sports. You could also choose from different variants of card games. 

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