Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Tips

Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Tips Every Fantasy Player Must Know

Fantasy cricket is one of the most popular fantasy games in India currently. If you want to up your game, then here are some fantasy cricket tips that you can follow. For a realistic gaming experience, then you can enter into the fantasy league by creating a virtual team with real players. The team formed with the right strategy and skill wins the game. There is a separate scoring pattern that is dependent on the players you choose and how well they perform in live matches.

1.Gain a better understanding of the performance of players    

One of the most common mistakes that players commit while playing fantasy cricket game is choosing a player merely on the basis of their reputation. It is vital to look into their current performance in the game rather than looking into their reputation. For instance, players like Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh were in excellent form during 2012 and 2013. However, if we look at their current form, they are not doing any better. Moreover, they are not selected in every match being played by the team they represent. It is best to go for players who represent the team in almost all the matches. This way you will pick players who are regular. 

2.Study the pitch details

If you are an avid follower of cricket, you must know that each pitch is not the same. It is best to do some research on the pitch at which the game would be held. A flat pitch is more of a paradise to batsmen. Hence, for such pitches, you need to select more batsmen rather than bowlers. This would be a great gaming strategy for flat pitches. It is best to select players based on pitch conditions. This will help you win more points and get your game right. It would also benefit to look into the conditions of the pitch in previous games.  

3.Double-check your players are playing

You always have 15-20 mins available to check whether the players in your virtual team will be playing in a game or not. Soon after the toss, the team is announced and you have time to make corrections if any of the players in your virtual team are not playing the real game. This smart tip can prove to be immensely beneficial and you will not lose the match for sure. 

4.Create a balanced team

There are several players who are quite expensive for their legendary skills. They may or may not be in a great form during a particular tournament. It would be unwise to choose players just because they are expensive. It is best to create a balanced team of players. Most importantly, always look at the performance of a player before selecting them for your virtual team. There is no point in investing in players who are not delivering the desired outcome. Having a good game strategy of choosing talented and young players can prove to be more rewarding.

5.Go for top-order batsmen

This tip can prove to be handy especially in a T20 game. This is because most of the time, the lower order batsmen do not get a chance to bat if the top order performs exceedingly well during a twenty-over match. Even if you are creating a team for a 50 over match, it is best to choose hard hitters who have performed exceedingly well in the previous games. For instance, MS Dhoni is an excellent batsman. However, he barely gets a chance to bat when he is positioned at #5 or #6. A lower-order simply lowers his chance to bat. It is best to go for the top four batsmen.

6.Never underestimate bonus points

While playing a fantasy league game, you can always make the best out of the additional points being rewarded to the players. There are bonus points for run-outs, stumping and catches. Hence, it is best to monitor the players who have a good track record of taking catches. Choosing great fielders is a great fantasy cricket tips that will certainly fetch you more points and improve your overall score.

7.Strike bowlers 

Winning a fantasy league is not just about picking the best batsmen. You need to focus on the strength of your bowling order as well. Choosing bowlers with low rates is not going to help you reach your target. It is best to focus on bowlers who would fetch your points for taking wickets. Selecting players like Yuzvendra Chahal and Amit Mishra can be of great advantage. If you keep a tab on the performance of players in their previous matches, you will know who to rely on based on the pitch conditions.

8.Choose the appropriate captain and vice caption

our eight Fantasy Cricket Tips is Choosing a captain and vice-captain for your virtual team is a crucial decision. This is because your captain fetches you 2x points and your vice-captain fetches 1.5x points. Getting the combination right will be the deciding factor whether your team will win anything or not. Choosing an all-rounder as the captain works the best for most of the virtual teams. However, it is best to study the performance of the players in order to make the right choice.   

9.Adopt the right planning strategy

It is best to plan everything ahead of the match if you want to get your fantasy cricket game right. Studying the pitch and the performance of the players before a game will help you make the right choice in the upcoming game.

10.Choosing uncapped players

While playing a virtual cricket fantasy game, it is essential for each team to pick an uncapped player. Uncapped players are those who are yet to play in at least one of the international matches for their team. You can opt for bowlers who bowl in middle overs. This is one of the most important fantasy cricket tips.

Strategizing is important in having an upper hand over the game. However, it is also essential to enjoy the entire process. Rather than taking pressure and stressing over the decisions that you make, you should never ever forget to enjoy the game in the first place. Your decision-making skills will improve over time. You will have more confidence in choosing the players that lead you to victory in fantasy league matches.   

More Fantasy Cricket tips to consider

  • Look out for the toss

Despite creating a virtual team beforehand, it is best to track the toss and make incorporate last moment changes to have a better virtual team

  • Follow match predictions

Read match predictions that are generally published hours before a match for understanding the analysis of the pitch and the game by the experts.

  • Post-match presentations

It is best to follow post-match presentations as it will help you understand any announcements by the captains or the strategy being adopted by the team to better their performance.

  • Kind of contest

While playing fantasy league games, you should enter a contest that is appropriate as per your knowledge and expertise. For instance, if you are a beginner, you need to enter into matches by paying low fees. This will help you test your skills. Once you are confident, you can start making investments in higher-fee contests that reward you in a better way.

  • Check promo codes

As fantasy league is immensely popular, you can take advantage of the promo codes being offered. Usually, the promo code can be utilized in a limited time frame and you can utilize them for your benefit.

  • Best time to create your virtual team

Though there is no right time to create your virtual team, you can keep a tab on the players you are interested in. Any last-minute injuries will help you make quick changes to your team. 

  • Pick the best players from each country

If you are playing IPL, it is obvious that you may not know the players of all countries. You may not be aware of their form or skills. In fantasy cricket, you are required to create a virtual team of 11 players. You have to choose players from other countries as well as from team India. Even generally, if you are creating a virtual team for any other ODI, you will have to pick players from the other countries as well. Hence, it is best to keep a tab on the best performing players of other countries so that you do not have to face any hurdle while forming your virtual team.  

  • Entering multiple contests with multiple teams

If you are having a hard time forming a single virtual team and feel that there are various other combinations that you can try, then you can create multiple virtual teams for a game. You can enter multiple contests with them and increase your chances of winning. All you need to do is pay more fees for entering multiple contests. It is advised to make changes to your team by keeping a tab on the match activities. This will help you get the perfect 11 for your virtual team based on all the information available before the game.  

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