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Online casinos are all about having fun and excitement, but you should know how to safely add money to your account before playing online UPI casino sites games. 

Money deposits with UPI have become as simple as sending a message. With UPI, you can avoid worrying about time-consuming bank transfers and instead focus on playing your favorite casino games.

 All you need to get started is an account at the online casino of your choice and a bank account that supports UPI. After logging in, go to the deposit menu, choose UPI, enter the amount you want to deposit, and then use your UPI ID or a QR code scan to confirm the transaction. 

Now, you are ready to play online UPI casino sites games. In this guide, we will understand the workings of the UPI system, its advantages, verification process, step-by-step sign-up process, and find the best UPI casinos in India.

How does UPI Work?

UPI enables fast electronic transactions between a bank and the customers using the internet. When it comes to making deposits at online casinos, UPI provides a convenient and safe way for players to transfer their money to their online casino wallets. 

When depositing funds at online casinos, UPI simplifies the procedure by eliminating the need to enter card details repeatedly or perform lengthy bank transfers. 

Users can easily link their bank accounts to UPI-enabled apps like Google Pay, MobiKwik, PhonePe, or Paytm, which will help in the smooth transaction process. UPI works quite simply at online casinos; customers simply select the UPI option, enter their desired amount, and then authenticate the transaction using their unique UPI ID or by scanning a QR code. 

The requested amount is added to the UPI online casino account. Deposits made with UPI are processed quickly, allowing players to start playing their loved casino games right away.

Steps to Sign up for UPI Transfer

Signing up for UPI transfers is a simple process that requires only a few steps. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you complete the sign-up process:

  • Select a UPI-enabled Bank: First, make sure your bank supports UPI transfers. Most major banks in India provide UPI services, but it is better to check for smaller banks.
  • Download the UPI App: Download any popular UPI app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Some of the safest UPI apps are BHIM, Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, and more.
  • Registration: Register by opening the app and following the on-screen registration instructions. You will need to provide the phone number associated with your preferred UPI bank account.
  • Verify Phone Number: The app will send an OTP to the number you entered. Enter the OTP to verify your mobile number.
  • Link Bank Account: Once your mobile number has been verified, the app will ask you to link your bank account. Select your bank from the list and enter your account information.
  • Create a UPI PIN: After linking your bank account, you’ll need to generate a UPI PIN. The PIN will be used to authenticate all future transactions. Make sure you select a PIN that is easy to remember but difficult for others to guess.
  • Verification: Certain apps may demand additional verification procedures, such as answering a security question. Follow the app’s instructions to finish the verification procedure.
  • Get the UPI ID: Once the verification process is completed, you are provided with a UPI ID. Most of the time, a UPI ID is a phone number along with a bank name or app name. You will need this UPI ID for making transactions at UPI casinos.

Depositing at Casino with UPI

Making deposits at UPI online casinos is a simple process. All you have to do is click on the UPI payment option, which will be displayed alongside the other payment methods on the casino website. Following is the step-by-step process of depositing money at the casino using UPI:

  • Click on the online casino home page menu
  • Choose the deposit money option
  • Click on the UPI option
  • Provide your UPI ID and enter the deposit amount
  • Now you are required to provide the UPI PIN at the bank’s website
  • The transaction is completed once the UPI PIN verification is done
  • Money will be immediately added to your casino wallet, which can now be used to play games

Withdrawal at UPI Casinos

If you have already made deposits using UPI on your casino account, you can also make withdrawals using the same method. All you need to do is enter your UPI ID, and the amount to be withdrawn. Following is the step-by-step guide to withdraw winnings at UPI casinos:

  • Once the casino minimum withdrawal limit is fulfilled, you can withdraw the winnings by clicking the withdraw funds option.
  • Now use the UPI option as the preferred withdrawal method.
  • Copy your UPI ID from the payment application and enter the same in the provided space.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and tap on the withdraw option.
  • Usually the UPI withdrawals are swiftly completed, but some casinos may take some time to process the withdrawal requests.
  • Once the withdrawal request is approved, the casino transfers the funds to your bank account.

Each casino’s withdrawal rules vary, and some may impose transaction limits as well as transaction fees. So, before requesting withdrawals, make sure to read the casino terms and conditions.

Best Casinos that Accept UPI Transfer

UPI is one of the safest modes of payment, but choosing a reputed online casino is more crucial. So, we have compiled a list of the best casino sites that accept UPI.

1. Parimatch

Parimatch is one of the top UPI casinos that accept UPI, providing players with a seamless and safe transaction experience. Beyond its banking convenience, Parimatch casino offers a wide range of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer options.

  • Parimatch offers a comprehensive gaming experience to players all around the world, thanks to its user-friendly interface and excellent 24/7 customer service.
  • It provides a lot of welcome bonuses and regular promotions.

2. MostBet

MostBet has emerged as a leading option amongst UPI casinos, offering convenient and safe banking solutions to players worldwide. In addition to its banking benefits, MostBet casino offers a wide variety of casino games and sports betting options.

  • MostBet’s user-friendly design and fast customer service provide the best gaming experience.
  • MostBet provides players with a mobile application for ease of use.

3. 24Betting

24Betting casino provides a hassle-free UPI experience as well as a diverse collection of casino games to suit all players. 24Betting’s easy platform and mobile compatibility allow users to enjoy their favorite games anywhere in the world.

  • 24Betting regular bonuses and rewards programs improves the whole gaming experience.
  • It provides a wide range of casino and slot machine games.

4. Casino Days

Casino Days has emerged as one of the best UPI casinos in India, offering players quick and easy deposit and withdrawal options. Along with banking convenience, Casino Days provides a diverse selection of games.

  • Casino Days provides big bonuses and promotions that add value to the gaming experience, making it a popular choice among online casino players.
  • It provides 250+ live casino games, providing players with a lot of options.

5. Fairplay

Fairplay casino distinguishes itself as a reputed UPI payment online casino that values security and ease for plates. Fairplay emphasizes fair gaming and ethical gambling standards. It therefore provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere for players to enjoy their favorite casino games.

  • Fairplay’s commitment to the best customer experience is shown by its 24/7 support service and easy banking operations.
  • Fairplay provides players with a mobile application for ease of use.

Advantages of using UPI

Following are the various advantages of using UPI at UPI payment online casinos:

●  Convenience: UPI provides you with the convenience feature. You may deposit funds into your online casino account from anywhere with an internet connection.

●  Speed: Transactions made through UPI are amongst the fastest. This allows players to begin playing their favorite casino games without waiting.

●  Security: All the payment apps use strong security measures to protect their UPI platforms, such as encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication. This ensures the safety of transactions and personal information.

●  Accessibility: UPI services are available 24/7 allowing players to make deposits whenever they want.

●  Traceability: UPI offers full transaction histories, allowing players to easily trace their deposits and withdrawals.

Disadvantages of using UPI

Following are the various disadvantages of using UPI at UPI online casinos:

●  Banking Restrictions: As already said, all major banks offer UPI service, but still some small banks do not have that facility.

●  Dependence on Internet Connectivity: UPI transactions require a stable internet connection. Connectivity issues may disrupt the process.

●  Transaction Fees: While all the payment apps offer UPI services free of charge, some online casinos may charge transaction fees.

●  Privacy Concerns: Some casinos allow withdrawals only after sharing personal information like identity proof and PAN card. This raises privacy and data security issues.

UPI Account Verification

UPI account verification is an important step towards ensuring the security of online casino transactions. During the UPI registration process, players are required to provide their registered mobile number and the same number should be in use in the same mobile phone. Only after that, the registration process begins and the OTP verification is done.

When depositing money at online casinos using UPI, the verified UPI account offers an added layer of security. It guarantees that transactions are carried out securely, which lowers the risk of fraud or unauthorized access.

Things to know before using UPI at Online Casino

The following are the considerations before making deposits:

●  Do note that some casinos allow only one payment method for both deposits and withdrawals, so make sure that you choose the best possible payment method.

●  Each casino has its minimum deposit limit, so go through the casino’s policies before depositing using UPI.

●  UPI has some transaction limit which is around 1 lac each day for most of the apps. If you want to deposit more money, then you will have to look for other payment options.

The following are the considerations before making withdrawals:

●  Casinos do have a minimum withdrawal limit, so you can withdraw only once the minimum limit is fulfilled.

●  The wait time for withdrawals can take anywhere from instant transfer to 72 hours depending on the casino processes and policies.

●  Payment applications do not charge any fees for UPI transfers, but the casino may charge some transaction fee or service fee from you.


UPI is one of the best payment methods, and it also serves as an important safeguard in the world of online casino transactions. It ensures the security of financial transactions. The process is verified and relatively simple as you have to provide your bank-registered phone number and the payment application will do the other tasks for you automatically.

 Do remember to set a strong UPI PIN as the same will be necessary for future transactions. Once you are registered, you can start depositing money and play games at online casinos. As the number of UPI casinos in India is rising, choosing a method like UPI is a good way to speed up the deposit and withdrawal process.

FAQs on UPI Online Casinos

Q1. Is there any fee applicable to UPI payments?

Ans. Banks do not charge anything for UPI payments. Some casinos may charge a service fee according to their policies.

Q2. How much time does it take for a UPI transfer to complete?

Ans. UPI deposits are immediately transferred. Withdrawals may take some time depending on casino policies.

Q3. Which currencies do UPI transactions support?

Ans. UPI transactions are provided by payment applications and most of the current payment applications deal in multiple currencies. So, you can also perform international transactions using UPI on some apps.

Q4. Is it safe to use UPI for online casino transactions?

Ans. Payment applications use strict privacy policies and robust safety regulations, which ensure that all UPI transactions are safe.