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  • It provides some of the best reward points for new and existing users.
  • The website interface is simple and user-friendly.
  • It's specifically suited for Indian players with UPI support.
  • Provides users with high-level security.
  • Real-time statistics and live streaming are available.
  • Variety of sports available.
  • For an online betting platform, the bandwidth is inadequate.
  • There is some adulterous stuff on this site.
  • No mobile application.
  • Limited Deposit and Withdrawal method.

Khelraja India – Best Casino & Betting App

Khelraja is a casino and sports betting website which is operated by Kings Technology Services. Khelraja offers many different games and bonuses. This gambling website is not just another online casino as they have something for every user, irrespective of their budget or experience.

Khelraja is the home of all genres: it has everything from mobile games to slots, blackjack, and roulette right on one site. You can place bets on the majority of international sports events on their mobile apps or via the website. This review will cover every possibility so you can get a feel for where exactly you want to go on this site.

Khelraja Review
Khelraja Review
ServicesBetting, online betting, esports, virtual sports, casino games, video poker, and other betting options are available.
Customer Support OptionsLive Chat, Email Support, WhatsApp, FAQ
Deposit MethodsUPI, and Net Banking
Withdrawal OptionsBank Transfer and UPI
BonusesGet up to 400% deposit bonus on your first deposit.

Editor Opinion

Khelraja entered the market in late 2020 and as of today it has its betting or playing available in many sports and different types of entertainment such as Sports Betting, Live Casinos, and many more. They provide top-tier deposit services and withdrawals which also adds up to the players liking the platform. As an Editor, I’m completely satisfied with the work of Khelraja and I would recommend you at least try this platform once.

Khelraja Review – Detailed

Khelraja is a great and renowned casino and betting website with an extensive offering of games that have made it a big name in online gaming. The games offered by Khelrajaare not just of the best quality, but are also very easy to understand, thus making the experience really enjoyable.

With a variety of games available, Khelraja offers gamblers a wide range of games that they can choose from. The games offered by Khelraja are all of high quality, and the bonus features offer you an opportunity to win more.

The massive array of games on this site makes it one of the most attractive betting sites that are popular among users, which is also one of its biggest advantages. This site is also known for offering great bonuses to the players who sign up for Khelraja membership for the first time.

Good Things

  • First of all, Khelraja is completely free to play at the casino. Secondly, they offer you a chance to play for as long as you want. Thirdly, the vast variety of slots and games enables players to increase their chances of winning big by playing different games on the go. And last but not the least, the customer service staff at Khelraja are very friendly with excellent knowledge about all their games and slots.
  • The website is very user-friendly, Be it the UI or the navigation, everything is designed with simplicity in mind and not to mention the UPI feature is one of its major winning features. So, depositing and withdrawing funds are not a big deal, as you don’t need to wait for transactions to go through.

Bad Things

  • One of the major concerns about Khelraja is bad website bandwidth, which means that you could be in for some very poor web performance and a rough time while you try to do your online gaming, which can be a headache for all kinds of players.
  • There is no mobile application for the Khelraja platform.

How to get the Khelraja Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is one of the most important things which attracts players. Every player notices the bonuses they will get on joining the platform. In terms of welcome bonuses, Khelraja offers one of the best welcome bonuses on its betting platform. Here are the ways to claim it.

Khelraja Welcome Bonus
Khelraja Welcome Bonus
  • Head into the website khelraja.com
  • On the first page of Khelraja, you will find an option “welcome offers”.
  • Now click on welcome offers and you will find all the terms and conditions of the offers.
  • Now sign up and claim the welcome bonus.

Sign up and Login Process

Sign up and Login Process
Sign up and Login Process
  • Visit khelraja.com.
  • Head to the Sign up Option at the top right corner.
  • Now fill in your personal details.
  • After filling in your details click on Register now.

How to Deposit on Khelraja

Khelraja is known for its fast customer service and its method of deposit is also very simple and fast. It only takes minutes to top up your wallet at Khelraja. These are the steps for how to deposit at Khelraja.

Deposit on Khelraja
Deposit on Khelraja
  • Login to Khelraja.com
  • Click the Deposit option on the very first page after logging in.
  • Select your preferred option from the list of options and fill in the details.
  • Choose the channel through which you would like to complete the transaction.
  • Let’s take UPI, for example, Enter your amount from INR 400-50,000.
  • Transaction will hardly take 15 minutes to complete.

Deposit Methods

Khelraja lacks in providing various deposit methods to its users and doesn’t have many options. However, their deposit method is fast but lacks choices.

  • UPI
  • Net Banking
  • E-Wallet

Deposit Limits

Khelraja doesn’t provide many options to choose from when it comes to depositing methods but one thing which sets them apart is their deposit limits. Their deposit limit is very low and you can deposit any amount from INR 400 to 50,000. Some users might say that their maximum limit is still low compared to other sites but bigger transactions bring bigger risks and Khelraja wants to give risk-free services to its users.

Khelraja App review

One of the biggest setbacks of Khelraja is that they don’t have any app yet for their platform. Khelraja is a renowned site now and not having an app for its users is such a shame for them. Although they have recently announced their app will be coming soon in Android and IOS versions. Their app will also have live-streaming options.

Khelraja Withdrawal Review

Khelraja lacked deposit methods and the same story continues in withdrawal also. They don’t provide many Withdrawal methods to their users and have a very rigid policy as well. The process to withdraw is as follows.

Khelraja Withdrawal Review
Khelraja Withdrawal Review
  • Login to your Khelraja account at Khelraja.com.
  • Click on the Withdrawal option on the homepage.
  • Enter the amount from INR 200 to INR 100,000.
  • Fill in your bank details like Account Name, IFSC, Bank, and Branch.

Khelraja Withdrawal Methods

Khelraja only prefers the old-school method of withdrawal which is bank transfer. Nowadays sites like Parimatch offer withdrawal through cash on delivery, and Bitcoin but Khelraja prefers the safest method to complete the process of withdrawal which is fair enough to see increasing cybercrime cases in Bitcoin and UPI Transfer.

Khelraja Withdrawal Limit

Khelraja gas withdrawal limit is lower than the deposit limit which is very rare to see in this era. Their minimum limit for withdrawal is INR 200 and the maximum is INR 100,000. Their withdrawal process is very fast and on top of that their low limit is the cherry at the top. The maximum number of withdrawals in a day is 10 which is also a big plus point for users.

Is Khelraja Safe & Trustworthy?

Khelraja is a trusted casino and betting site. There are many reasons why we’re trusted, but the main reason is because of the support we have from our players and the level of professionalism that’s been established within the company.

We have always tried to prioritize players’ satisfaction, which has given us a great reputation and following among our customers. Another remarkable thing about this website is that it is compatible with any device, whether you want to start betting or play casino games on your Android phone or on your iPad.

Khelraja Live casino

Khelraja is synonymous with entertainment and excitement. Khelraja casino is one of the most popular gambling games played in India. Khel raja is the only one of its kind, the world-class and most authentic online casino in Asia. It is a perfect place to live your digital dreams.

Khelraja Live casino
Khelraja Live casino

Khel raja casino offers gambling services to players from all over the world in an exciting and safe gaming environment. Make your own success story with Khel raja casino where you can win big money, gold, or other prizes by playing your favorite games or by joining tournaments such as poker, roulette, blackjack, etc.

Khelraja Sports Betting

Khelraja is a fantastic website as far as sports betting is concerned. Khelraja has a vast network when it comes to sports betting. You can play your betting game in many of the famous tournaments taking place. You can also play your betting in the E-sports section in which your favorite online games take place.

Khelraja Sports Betting
Khelraja Sports Betting

Including Sports Betting, they also have Live Casinos, Slots, E-Sports, and many more.

How to place a bet on Khelraja?

  • Login to your Khelraja account
  • Click on the sports section on the homepage
  • Select the sport
  • Select the match
  • Click at odds
  • Place the bet starting from INR 101
  • Click at the place of the bet and generate a slip.

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports are now an important aspect that every player now wants to experience as a virtual sport is unique and less risky. Khelraja currently only provides Virtual cricket in their virtual sports column and reportedly is planning to add more games in the coming future. The process to place a bet in virtual sports is.

Virtual Sports Betting
Virtual Sports Betting
  • Login to your Khelraja account.
  • Click on the virtual sports section.
  • Select the game or session on which you want to place a bet.
  • Enter the amount from 10 INR to 1,000 INR.
  • Place the bet.

Khelraja Customer Support:

Khel Raja’s customer support services are satisfactory and can help you solve your queries. Khelrajaalso has an online customer care feature and a live chat window that you can use to get in touch with agents 24/7 so that the players can get in touch with their agents without any hassles.

Khelraja Customer Support:
Khelraja Customer Support:

Khelraja also provides alternative services to address your complaints, such as email or toll-free phone lines. However, in comparison to other websites and platforms, its customer service is pretty excellent.

Whatsapp 1+639959046941
Email[email protected]
Online Chat24×7


If you are looking for a final verdict then we can say that Khelraja lacks in providing options at Deposit and Withdrawal options but has overall satisfactory services. Their virtual gaming section only has Cricket which is also a setback. They only started in 2020 and are starting to make their name in the market. Khelraja is a good platform for beginners but lacks in providing options for various things which might not be liked by professional players.

Khelraja Review Details

Deposit Methods:
Khelraja Review