As the craze for online casinos swipes the world throughout, fans relate every tiny detail of their lives to the casino world.

Famous Casino Name For Your Pets

As the craze for online casinos swipes the world throughout, fans relate every tiny detail of their lives to the casino world. The fact that pet owners want to rename their pets’ names with their favorite casino names itself suggests the extent to which casinos rule our world. Needless to say, pets are just like family members, sometimes more beloved than them also, right? So, you like to pamper them and give them cool names inspired by online casinos. Stay tuned to this page as today, we are going to bring forth 20 pet names, which have been picked up from the wackiest and funniest gambling games! You will love the way these casino names for Dogs relate to online casinos, poker games, and some of the best gambling screens that you stay glued on.

Give your furry buddy a unique identity!

Of course, who doesn’t love a fun-loving pet dog as a part of the family? The more you think of the similarity between pet names and gambling game names, the more you are attracted to them.

Not just normal names, but a unique casino name for dogs that reminds you every time of your favorite online casinos, seems to be an interesting idea, isn’t it? Why not give your dog a different name which you can amusingly call out while strolling on the street? Imagine how funny it would be to shout out ‘Casino’ as your four-legged buddy happily trots behind the street cat! You might end up getting a few frowning looks, though, but ultimately you and your dog will love the publicity.

Gambling-inspired male and female dog names

Don’t be surprised as we say that more and more people love keeping dog names based on gambling. Let’s talk about the latest and the most popular casino names that also fit perfectly as dog names. Some or another way, these names resemble your favorite hobby and that is good reason enough to keep them as pet dog names. A few names you might have come across earlier too, while there are others that are completely new. Some male dog names can even double up as female names, so you can pick them up as you like for your pet dog.

Pick a cool slot name for your cute female dog

Seriously looking for a gambling-inspired name for your little pooch? Here, you find a carefully compiled list of female dog names coming straight from the casino universe. We bring some of the funniest theme-based names that you are going to immediately adopt for your hairy pet. Read them along with their meanings and then go on to select a catchy casino nickname for your female pet friend today!

Big Bertha: Yes, you guessed it right! This name comes from one of those online slot machines which function with multiple reels. It certainly lends a pleasant casino touch when you call your pet dog by this unique name. Definitely, commoner than you think, your dog would give you a huge wag when you call her out by this casino name!

Bookie: Your bookie handles everything when you are gambling. So, you are always reminded of a bookie when you are paying for a horse race or collecting your winnings.

Carousal: A sweet name for your hairy girl, the term refers to a collection of online slot machines.

Casino: An obvious one, but still a popular choice amongst pet owners. If you still want to know what it means, it is a place where persons interested in gambling get together to try their luck and earn money.

Jackpot: When you hit a jackpot, it means you have won a substantial amount. It would be an apt name for your cute little pet who also is as precious as a casino jackpot!

Lottery: Tickets bought by many persons, but only one winner arising out of all.

Pigeon: Term used for an unexperienced gambler.

Roulette: Perhaps, the commonest casino game known all over the world, Roulette involves betting on a particular number on the wheel and winning if the ball stops at that number.

Spinner: One of the coolest nicknames on our list, spinner actually refers to a player who has struck a continuous winning spree.

Zigzag: When online slot machines are arranged in multiple lines, zigzag is the casino slang used to describe them.

Casino Names for Dogs

If you have been spending quality time with your male pet dog, you would have undoubtedly developed a personal touch for him. Having trouble finding the ‘best’ name? Why not check out this list of funny gambling-based names to get some great suggestions?

Baccarat: Regular casino players will know that it is the hand with the maximum remainder after dividing by ten which proves as the winning hand.

Bingo: There is a dog called ‘Bingo’ in every neighborhood! The ultra-cool pet dog nickname originates from the casino game where you win when numbers on your Bingo card match the number called out.

Blackjack: This is a card game where you either win with a ten, or an ace-paired face card.

Chip: Another popular name for pet dogs, it stands for money used in casinos.

Croupier:  Refers to casino dealers in gambling language.

Deuce: Call it a Deuce when you roll two on the dice.

Hammer: When you are playing long-time casino games, online or in physical casinos.

Jack: Your Jack might come trotting in when you call ‘Jack’, but in casinos, it either means Jack in the pack or Blackjack game.

Keno: It is a Lottery game where you choose a number between 1 and 80 and place a bet on it to win big amounts.

Whale: Anyone who bets huge amounts, above $1000.

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