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Everyone has different needs and priorities. And you may want to try out other options to purchase online lottery ticket when it comes to lotteries.

Playwin only offer lotteries from India, while online lottery ticket like the ones you can play at Lottoland for example will give you access to many of the bigger lotteries around the world, like New York Lottery or the Irish Daily Million. Often these lotteries might have much bigger prizes, but at the same time likely to have many more players competing for the same prizes!

Online Lottery Ticket

Typically when the user purchases an online lottery ticket in India, they get to choose the numbers they practically wager on. Then, at the time of the draw they check whether they’re numbers have been drawn or not. There are many formats, some lotteries draw 6 out of 49, others draw 7 out of 49, 5 out of 35 is another possible combination, but the principle is always the same.

When the player chooses the set of numbers then they hope that the exact same numbers will be drawn. For example, if the lottery is in a 7 out of 49 format, then the winner of the biggest jackpot is the player who managed to correctly predict all 7 numbers of the draw. If there isn’t such a player, then the jackpot prize will not be awarded. However, players who have selected 5 and 6 of the numbers that were drawn also win certain amounts, and those prizes can be pretty decent as well.

For those interested in probabilities the chance of winning first prize in a 6 out of 49 format is about one in 14 million. Wikipedia has a great article about the math behind different lottery prizes.

Bonus Draws

Some lotteries also include bonus draws in addition to the main draws. For example, if the lottery is played in a standard 5 out of 35 format, it may also give players a chance to pick two bonus numbers. Then extra balls are drawn for the bonus numbers and players who have the same two bonus numbers that were drawn receive an extra bonus prize.

The Rise Of Online Lotteries

A lot of betting and gaming operators went online as soon as there were technical opportunities for that, and lotteries quickly realized that people are moving online. Many goods and services can be purchased online, so why not lottery tickets came up as a pretty obvious question.

When we talk of online lotteries, we need to make a distinction between sale of standard lottery tickets online, and lotteries organised using lottery software. The first are standard lotteries, where the tickets are just sold online, whereas the second are completely online, there’s no draw in the strict sense of the word, the software randomly chooses the lottery numbers and based on that the winners are decided.

National And Other Online Lottery

One of the ways to buy online lottery ticket is to visit the page of the lottery which organizes the lottery draws for which you want to purchase tickets. In most cases you will be required to open an account, then log in to the website and select the draws for which you want tickets. Some lotteries give you the chance of purchasing multiple tickets either for one or for multiple subsequent draws, so that you won’t have to be afraid that you’ll forget to buy a ticket for each draw.

Then, upon registering to the website and choosing your ticket arrangement, you’ll need to choose how you wish to pay for your tickets. The accepted methods depend on your country of residence and the lottery itself. Bear in mind that if you like to register at the website of a certain national lottery, it is possible that there might be restrictions as to who can buy tickets. Namely, national lotteries often allow only residents of the particular country to buy tickets. So if you’re trying to buy a ticket while residing or staying in a third country, you might not be able to purchase a ticket.

Specialised Lottery Sites 

There is another alternative, which many lotto fans find to be a lot more viable. There are many online operators that sell tickets for not one or two but numerous lotteries, national, regional and international. That way, players get to choose from a vast range of different types of lotteries from a single platform, without having to visit multiple websites and open more than one account.

As there are many such websites, the first thing that every lotto player would consider before opening an account at one of them is whether it offers their favourite lotteries. A UK lotto fan will probably be looking for a site that offers all major UK and European lotto games, whereas an American will probably be looking for tickets for the US lotteries organised on a federal level as well as their state of residence. These websites also offer several payment methods and there are even discounts if you purchase more tickets at once.

Instant Lotteries

Finally, last but not least, we have software lotteries. Many of the leading online gaming software providers have also developed lottery software. Some companies have even developed full lottery suites, which include both real draw lotteries as well as software-based lotteries.

If you wonder how software lotteries work, the principle is real simple. The software uses an algorithm which creates a virtual draw, where the randomness of the draw is guaranteed. The software solutions are then audited by independent organisations which confirm that the draws are as random as actual draws and all it takes to win a software lottery is pure luck.

The advantage of software solutions is that they can be used to create instant lotteries which allow players to choose the numbers and activate the draw themselves, without having to wait for hours or days before the numbers are drawn. They just pick the numbers, pick who much they want to wager (if there are such options) and then they click ‘Draw’. Due to the fact that the software guarantees random results in the long run, the games can be offered instantly, regardless whether there are other players who play at the same time.

Ready To Win The Lottery? Use These Strategies To Increase Your Luck

For millions of people around the world it’s a dream to become rich. You’re one step closer by participating in a lottery! There are also several ways to increase your chances of winning a big prize. Perhaps using one of them will change your life forever.

Buy lottery tickets together

It’s really easy to buy a lottery ticket. Picking numbers is more difficult though. Most of the time you have to choose 5 numbers from a certain range. You win the lottery if your numbers are the same as those from the lottery draw. Hopefully Lady Fortune is at your side! Or perhaps she even likes to help more people. It’s definitely an advantage if you purchase the lottery ticket together with other people. Not only do lottery retailers give you a discount for that, it might also increase your winning chances because you’ve bought several tickets. More tickets mean higher winning chances. Besides that, some lottery games bring you more luck than others. Statistics show that there are more winners with scratch cards. The odds are better than with most lottery times, but the pay outs are not fantastic. Hopefully Lady Fortune is at your side!

Don’t choose random numbers

There are so many things you could do with a lot of money. Buying a bigger house perhaps or finally booking a long vacation to your dream destination. Most people don’t have the money to make all their dreams come true. Some of them actually can do this, after they’ve won the lottery. These winners picked the numbers that matched with the ones that appeared during the draw. Perhaps you’re wondering if they used special strategies to win. They probably did, because most of these winners don’t pick random numbers. They use their favorite number or birthday, for example. Obviously these numbers are limited from a range of 0 to 31. This increases the chance that you have to share the win with other people. You can avoid this by picking a higher number as well. It might also help to read into lottery numbers. It appears that most winning numbers fall into the range 104 to 176. So if you need to choose 6 numbers in total, count them and make sure they’re between this range. Never ever play with consecutive numbers!

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