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Leading the league of High Rollers in Casinos

If you aren’t sure of how players have benefitted from high rolling, here are some inspiring high roller stories. Archie Karas became famous after winning $50 to 40 million USD. Born as Anargyros Karabourniotis, Archie was an immigrant who came to America and it was in Los Angeles that he learned how to play Poker. He excelled at it but suffered a big loss of $2m from all that he had won in gambling. He travelled to Las Vegas with $50 in his pocket and from there, his life took a glamorous turn. Archie spent three years in Las Vegas in the early 90s decade and during that period he won almost every game of Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Pool and all that he laid his hands. No doubt it was the golden period of his life when he rose from rags to riches. As it goes, Archie made 40 million USD during this period where he staked $100k on every hand. 

Take the example of the Japanese Akio Kashiwagi who also amassed huge wealth through his titanic wins at the casino. This real estate magnate was known to bet over 200k USD on every hand of Baccarat. Known as the “Warrior”, Kashiwagi was also invited by Donald Trump to the Atlantic City’s famous casino owned by the latter. Trump was also a popular real estate tycoon then and operated three casinos. As the story goes, Kashiwagi outperformed Donald and won $6m more. Kashiwagi promised Trump that he would return to stake $12m until he would bust or double. He lost $10m and owed and is said to own it to Trump.

Although it is said that the house gets the edge, the player often emerges as the gainer. Referring to one of our readers, one of them wiped out a smaller casino at a time when the maximum betting limit was increased on the popular Reactoonz slot. The player who staked €600 stake claimed a whooping win which eventually resulted in a closure of the casino! 

Don Johnson, a businessman is another living example of how players could turn into millionaires by staking high. He amassed 15m USD over two days from three casinos he played at in the Atlantic City. His high roller status and skills at gambling was in his favour as he could easily negotiate the game terms and the rules as well. When noticed by the casino, Don used his negotiation skills to turn the Blackjack rules in a way that would provide a 50-50 chance. He also got a cashback deal to his benefit. Effectively he was using the casino’s money to gamble with which he won more than $15m. 

One of the greatest high rolling stories is that of Kerry Packer, the late Australian media tycoon. A popular figure in the world of cricket, Packer was also known as a big high roller. It was during one of his regular visits to the casinos in London where he staked 15 million GBP on different Roulette table only to lose every penny. 

However, the turnaround story is as exhilarating with Packer winning 20 million USD overnight at the famous MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It is said that he placed bets of $250k on every hand. And the buzz is that he tipped the staff at MGM nearly a million-dollar that night.