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Andar Bahar Game

Andar Bahar, also known as Katti or Mangatha in different regions, is a traditional card game with roots tracing back to India. The Andar Bahar game is quite simple. However, it is common for players to make the same errors repeatedly, which ultimately costs them heavily.

Discover the common mistakes to avoid and expert tips to improve your Andar Bahar game experience in this helpful article.

Understanding the Basics of Andar Bahar

Before diving into the common mistakes to avoid when playing Andar Bahar, it’s crucial to understand the basic rules and gameplay mechanics.

Andar Bahar is a game of chance where players must predict which side, Andar (left) or Bahar (right), will receive a card of the same rank as the middle card.

The game begins with a single card being drawn from the deck and placed face up in the center of the table. This card is known as the “middle card” or “Joker card”.

Players then place their bets on either the Andar or Bahar side, and the game continues until a card of the same rank as the middle card appears on either side.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Andar Bahar

The well-known Andar Bahar online game is available on almost all casino websites. However, new players frequently lack clarity regarding the most efficient strategies. If you’re considering playing the Andar Bahar casino game, avoid making these common mistakes.

1. Not Choosing the Right Casino

Your game experience will be much different if you select the correct casino website. People frequently are attracted to eye-catching advertising and wind up entrusting such casinos with their money.

Therefore, it is essential that each player select a casino that has a long history and is licensed by a stringent gambling authority.

Before giving them your money, any player should verify the licences held by the casino and the firm that makes the games. This way you can be sure that your money is safe while playing Andar Bahar card game.

2. Not Making Use of Free Plays and RNG

Free plays are those that the casino offers without requiring you to place a bet in order to play. This is provided to you so that you can explore the game and feel at ease before making the first deposit.

Obviously, there is little to no gain when there is little risk, but you gain some experience with free plays before playing a real Andar Bahar game.

3. Ignorance about Side Bets

In Andar Bahar, players have the option to place side bets. Many players are unaware of this and miss out on the opportunity to earn extra winnings.

Exploring different aspects of the game and making use of side bets can increase the fun and potential returns.

4. Chasing Losses

Chasing losses is a common mistake among gamblers. It’s essential to play with an amount of money you are comfortable losing.

Winning or losing, knowing when to quit is crucial. Many players end up losing a lot of money by chasing their losses or not knowing when to stop playing.

5. Getting Carried Away

Andar Bahar casino game is the kind of game where it’s quite easy to lose control. If that occurs, you’ll wind up making poor decisions. Maintain a high level of performance and have complete confidence in your actions.

It’s advisable to start modestly, rather than putting huge amount of money in the starting.

6. Not Knowing When To Quit

Always try to play the Andar Bahar game with additional money or money that you can afford to lose. Anything beyond that will lead to very significant issues. Win or lose, know when to give up.

It also happens frequently for someone to have a big gain on their lucky day to lose everything the very next day. Remember that there is no magic for winning Andar Bahar online game, but knowing when to quit is crucial.

7. Know the rules

You have to be aware of your rules when seated at a casino table. Please, if you are not sure about the rules, never gamble. You will probably lose the money, and in the worst scenario, you may accuse casino of embezzlement.

Make sure you are familiar with the regulations of the online casino while playing Andar Bahar game. Casino regulations are frequently different for all online casinos.

Basic Strategies for Andar Bahar

Basic Strategies for Andar Bahar

Despite being a game of chance, there are certain strategies that you can employ while playing the Andar Bahar game to increase your chances of winning. Some of the basic strategies include:

  • The Even Spread Strategy: This strategy involves placing equal bets on both Andar and Bahar positions to minimize the risk.
  • The Trend Analysis Strategy: This strategy requires players to observe the pattern of the game and make their bets based on recent outcomes.
  • The Card Counting Strategy: Similar to blackjack, this strategy involves keeping track of the cards that have been drawn from the deck. By remembering the cards that have already appeared, players can make more accurate predictions.

Advanced Strategies for Andar Bahar

As players become more familiar with the Andar Bahar casino game, they can explore advanced strategies that can give them an even greater edge in the game.

  • The Probability Calculation Strategy: This strategy involves calculating the probabilities of a card falling in the Andar or Bahar position based on the cards that have already been drawn.
  • The Card Sequencing Strategy: In this strategy, players focus on the sequence of cards drawn from the deck and make their bets based on the likelihood of certain cards appearing in specific positions.
  • The Psychological Strategy: This strategy involves leveraging psychological cues and observations to gain an advantage over other players.

Popular Online Platforms for Playing Andar Bahar

With the rise in popularity of online casinos, there are now numerous platforms where you can play the Andar Bahar game. Some of the popular platforms include:

  • Mostbet: Known for its user-friendly interface and an extensive collection of casino games which you can enjoy on the dedicated app.
  • Parimatch: Offers a wide range of casino games, including Andar Bahar. The platform is known for its mobile-friendly design and supports all popular payment methods.
  • 24betting: Another popular platform for playing Andar Bahar which offers fast payouts within 12 hours.


We think you now know the proper strategy to use in order to win at Andar Bahar card game. Remember that creating the best Andar Bahar winning plan will require time, effort and work.

Throughout the game, practise being composed and applying the Andar Bahar tactic that suits you best. Always strive to stay away from common mistakes. To play Andar Bahar casino games, find reliable and safe online gaming sites.