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Banning Online Gambling in india

Over the course of time, Online Gambling is becoming a household activity in India.

With the evolution of the online gaming and gambling industry and with the establishment of various websites, online gambling has been easily accessible and every common man has access to it.

However, everything is not rosy in this industry. With its fame, popularity and lucrativeness, there are a lot of cons and downsides.

The number one con which encapsulates everything is addiction. This is the primary reason why the state governments are taken steps to ban online gambling.

Recently, the Tamil Nadu Government passed The Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Bill and has completely banned it in its state.

This came after around 41 people died in the state because of online gambling.

Furthermore, in the “Bombay Wager Act”, Maharashtra has banned online gambling too.

In this article, we take a look at 5 reasons why states in India are banning Online Gambling:

1. Spate of suicides due to online gambling

In the past couple of years, suicides due to online gambling has witnessed a sharp surge. People commit suicide after they borrow money for gambling and fail to return it.

The state of Tamil Nadu witnessed 41 deaths because of this very reason.

Places from where people borrow money keep harassing them to repay back the loans and upon failure of doing so, people commit suicides.

2. Addiction is affecting one’s daily lives

Take the example of a college going student. If he or she is addicted to online gambling, then they are not able to focus on their studies or their extra-curricular activities.

Day in and day out, they are resorting to these online gambling platforms and this is taking a humongous toll on their studies and personality development.

This is another major reason why states are banning online gambling.

3. Public has been forcing them to do so

A huge row has created a few months back when the Tamil Nadu Government had pitched the idea of the Bill but failed to pass it.

Several families of online gambling addicts, media personalities and other important stakeholders then took to social media and started a huge trend.

They wanted the evils of online gambling eradicated from their states. Pressure has led to the government of Tamil Nadu passing the Bill.

4. To prevent crime rate

Several people who have borrowed money but have failed to repay it on time have resorted to unlawful means like theft and murder to get money from some source.

This naturally is a big thorn in smooth governance of a state and this is another major reason why states are banning online gambling in India.

5. Several people associate online gambling with moral grounds

India largely has section of orthodox and conservative people.

Whenever they see a youngster make money through online gambling, they shrug it aside by saying that there is absolutely no skill involved in it.

Elders and other conservative people in India feel that making money in quick time and through means of chance, isn’t real work or hard-work.

This has led to quarrels in houses and also fights.

Views of people will never change on this even though foreign countries have online gambling as a legal instrument of making money.

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