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Ludo, a game that was invented before people could even remember, has been everyone’s favorite till date. This game has reached various corners of the world with similar variations. The game’s rules have remained the same although the modes of playing the game have changed. In the recent version of the game, players can now choose from the different versions of the game. A game that was played on board can now be played digitally. 

If we have to go back to the roots of this game, then it was played by the Pandavas and Kauravs during the time of Mahabharata, and it was played in the form of Chaupad or Pachisi. But now Ludo has reached the stage of digitization where people can play the game on their phone screens. 

Online ludo is one of the major games that is considered to be played online. Many ludo games have developed their gaming and there are also real money ludo games available as well. Considering that Ludo King is one of the most popular online ludo games that people love in India. 

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There may be various reasons why people love playing this game online, but here are 5 reasons that we are going to discuss in the article.

1. Availability

Being an online game it is available to everyone on their devices 24/7. It is easily accessible and affordable as well. Mostly the games that are available online are free which makes it budget-friendly for many users. With these features available and the free download, players can easily get their hands on the game anytime or anywhere in the world. 

2. Ludo for Real Money

Ludo has come a long way from being a board game to an online real money ludo game. It has witnessed advancement and evolution, and now it helps people to earn real money from it as well. 

Hence, this game which is loved by all will empower people and help them win real money. Online ludo game is an opportunity for people to showcase their skills, and people can play ludo with real money. Many online real cash-based games are coming up to rise these days. 

3. Global Connectivity

Those days are long gone when ludo was only played as a board game. Now because of its availability 24/7 people can play them on their phones. On a digital note, ludo is easy to understand and play. The online version fits in well with the essentials of the modern digital world.

 4. Connectivity 

In the modern world where people can connect with just one tap on the phone, online ludo does the same to its users as well. Online ludo connects people from all over the world. It allows people from diverse backgrounds to interact and share the same ludo board. Online ludo not only lets people play with their friends or family but also with strangers as well successfully building connectivity.

5. Simplicity 

Online ludo is easy to understand. The rules, tips, and tricks are not complicated and can be easily remembered or understood. A player does not need to go through any difficulties or hurdles to remember the tricks of this game. And that is another reason why users like the game so much. 


Mentioned are the 5 reasons why people love playing online ludo. This game has ruled the hearts of everyone during their childhood. The success and progress of this game have led to its digitization. To top that, now people can play real money ludo game as well. 

Thus online ludo game is a touch of improvement and monetization, which is easy to access and understand. 

FAQs about Online Ludo Game

Q1. it free to play online ludo?

Ans. Yes, the game is available free of cost to everyone.

Q2. Where did ludo originate from?

Ans. It was created and played during the time of Mahabharata.

Q3. Can ludo be played online anywhere in the world?

 Ans. Yes, ludo can be played anywhere in the world and by different people from around the world as well.

Q4. Is playing ludo online safe?

 Ans. Playing ludo online is safe. However, it is advisable to secure your information before moving forward with any online game.

Q5. Does online ludo give real money?

 Ans. Yes, many online ludo games provide their users with real money. Websites like Ludo Win, Ludo Dice, Ludo Empire, and more.

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