In this page, we’ve ranked the top 10 online betting sites based on certain factors for online cricket betting. Then, we talk about the aspects that cricket lover look for in a best cricket betting site. We have also searched and placed the links pointing you to the betting sites that offer unique categories. At the end of the post, you will find the FAQs that answer the most common questions concerning gambling, sports betting, payment, and other topics. Let’s get started.

Best Betting Sites

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Things to Look for in a Good Online Betting Site

Fortunately, sports bettors have plenty of unique and intriguing sportsbooks to pick from. Some of these sportsbooks offer accurate odds on cricket, increasing your chances of winning the bet. Pick any sportsbook of your choice and place the bet on your favorite sport.

As much as easy it sounds, there’s a lot more to choosing the sports betting site than registering with the first sports betting site you come across on the internet. Finding the best sportsbook can be a real challenge for both the beginners and veteran players. So, how do you research the sportsbook and choose the most suitable one?

Well, fret not! We have invested hours in searching for the best online cricket betting sites for gambling buffs. From reputable platforms to some new yet equally intriguing betting sites, we have listed every platform that you could try for the best casino experience. Here are the major aspects we considered while rating the casinos:

  •  Credibility
  • Payment and Withdrawal Options
  • Software
  • Customer support service
  • Bonuses, rewards, and promo deals
  • Odds and betting selection

We researched the above-listed qualities on each betting website to rank them accurately. Each casino gets 1-5 star ratings. Sure, not every gambler will have the same preference when it comes to betting. Keep reading to learn more about the top 10 online betting sites, their trustworthiness, security, transparency, and overall customer experience.

Our Process of Rating Bookmakers

As mentioned above, we consider certain factors to determine the professionalism and accuracy of a online betting site. We check all these factors in the gambling companies and grade them accordingly.


Trust is the major concern of most gamblers out there. Whether you are new to the gambling world or betting for quite some time, you won’t deposit a single penny until you are certain of the credibility of the platform. How do you know the money you have deposited will not be misused by the platform?

As long as you choose a trustworthy website, trust shouldn’t be an issue.

Ranking Credibility

A license acts as proof of the trustworthiness of a casino website. If the license they hold is issued by a popular gambling authority, there’s a good chance the casino is reliable and secure. That is what the first thing we check before looking over the other factors. No matter how great the betting site, if it has no license, it won’t be shown on our list. Other aspects we cover while considering the credibility of a website is:

  • Are there any unusual complaints filed against the betting site?
  • Have they collaborated with any reputable organization?
  • Third-party accreditation
  • What ratings have they received from other casino review websites?
  • Is it a famous company that has invested in a large number of gambling options?
  • How long have the gambling sites been on the market?
  • What do the people belonging to the industry have to say about the gambling site?

Online Betting companies know the importance of trust for players. To provide them with a secure gambling platform, they maintain their reputation by displaying all their certificates, licenses, and other data concerning credibility.

Bonuses and Promotions

Being skeptical about free deals on the internet is common. Of course, it is hard to believe that a company could offer such amazing rewards. But when it comes to betting sites, such deals do exist. People earn a considerable amount of bonus money on making the first few deposits. The loyal players also get free spins and other bonuses. But the bonuses you get from the online betting sites can vary significantly.

While some sites believe in attracting users with amazing bonus offers, others like to keep the rewards quite ordinary.  It always sounds cool to place the bets using the bonus money rather than spending all your hard-earned money on the gambling platform.

What is the Catch?

Of course, the casino website will want you to lose more money than what you win. They use multiple ways to attract people. And, a bonus is one such way to bring more people to their gambling platform.

Some online betting sites do not allow people to cash out their winning until they play a specific amount. Basically, they provide you with incentives so that you can try their platform. The reason why they implement such rules is that they want people to take a risk and lose more. That’s where you get the chance to prove them wrong!

One thing you must keep in mind is going through the terms and conditions page. That is the section where there could find multiple promotional deals that can make big differences.

Ranking Bonuses

We take care of the calculations part. Our research includes a thorough check of the terms and conditions to figure out the best deal for the players and the one that sounds way too good to be true. We also look for the other promo deals that are available for users after they are done with the first deposit.

While some betting sites only look after the new players, others are quite good to their regular players as well. Not only the welcome bonus, but we check other rewards and promotional offers for the loyal players.

Odds and Betting Selection

Most online betting sites only provide the gamblers with the big and famous sport events, limiting their betting opportunities. The betting websites we have covered in this post also includes smaller and less-known events.

We don’t rank the betting sites that do not involve the popular leagues such as:

  • BPL
  • IPL
  • BBL
  • PSL
  • Cricket World Cup

The type of betting options each website offer can vary. While some small and less-popular gambling sites may have the outright bets, others have as many as 100 bet types for the popular matches.

Most people love live betting i.e. betting while the match is going on and checking the changes taking place simultaneously.

Ranking Betting Selection

Under this section, we check the events and matches they cover, types of bets they offer for each bigger match, and the number of bets they offer.

Payment and Withdrawal Options

Another important factor that every gambler considers before picking a website is the payment and withdrawal option. The sad fact is that most local authorities put restrictions on particular payment options. For example, many countries do not allow card transactions on gambling sites. Some opt for e-wallets for gambling transactions such as Skrill and Neteller.

Well, the more payment options available on a gambling site, the easier it is for people to initiate the transactions and ensure a smoother and faster deposit and withdrawal. Deposit is quite easy.

However, withdrawal is the phase that most people have to struggle with. A major portion of the complaints filed against the betting sites is because of improper withdrawals. The websites offering a valid withdrawal system will run a proper check on your ID credentials, especially for the users withdrawing the money for the first time.

The major issue is that betting sites have no problem in allowing you to bet without verifying your credentials. But that story changes drastically when it comes to withdrawing money from your casino account. Make sure that you upload the credit/debit cards and other payment options that belong to you. Be ready to submit the additional verification documents that prove your identity.

Users who want to play safe should consider verifying their accounts before making the first deposit. It will make your withdrawal smoother and faster.

Customer Support

Have you ever come across the annoying chatbots that start teaching you some random information about the betting site? Do you get stuck somewhere while placing a bet?

Every gambler will need to contact the support team at some point in their gambling journey. That’s when you turn to the customer support department to have your issues fixes and queries resolved as soon as possible. The qualified customer support system will help solve your issues and answer your questions in the shortest time possible.

Ranking Customer Support Service

We rank a website based on their customer support service. We contact them on our own and check how fast their response rate is. We also check how straightforward it is to connect with a human. While some websites pay special attention to the customer support section by integrating a live chat system, others still rely on the emails to solve your queries.

Based on the other user’s experience with the casino platform, we rank the betting sites according to their customer support service and accuracy in solving the problems.


  • This section depends on the user’s personal taste.
  • The design and appearance of the website
  • The loading speed of the pages
  • How are the advertisements displayed?
  • The amount of information displayed on each page
  • Color scheme

You will have to try these features on your own since the user’s taste can vary from player to player.

Ranking Software

We focus more on the website’s loading speed, its performance, navigation procedure, and more. Is the casino site compatible with mobiles and other devices?

Other than that, we also look into how simple it is for players to place bets, access history, and get support for both desktops and mobile users.

Other Features

Not everyone is a fan of cricket. People like to experiment with their luck on different sports such as Kabaddi, rummy, and poker. Most of the casinos we reviewed offer plenty of sports and even casino games.

We have ranked the websites based on the services they offer and how well the overall website appears. The sites with 4 or 5 stars are the solid sports betting sites.

IPL Online Betting Tips 2020

Get ready for the best teams and betting odds for Indian Premier League 2020!

Our website is now updated with the latest release of all IPL 2020 odds. Mumbai Indians have been targeted as the most probable team to win IPL 2020 and eventually defend their title as well.

Mumbai Indians made an exemplary performance by beating Chennai SuperKings by 1 run on the last ball of the innings, in IPL 2019 last season.

It was the fourth win for the Mumbai Indians. But ironically, all their wins were recorded on odd-numbered years, i.e., 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019. Does that mean that their next win is to come on IPL 2021?

Their outright odds for IPL 2020 seems to be pragmatic in approach. The team hosts some of the best players like Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Quinton de Kock and Jasprit Bumrah. All these players are highly experienced in international formats of the game, as well as IPL campaigners too.

Sunrisers Hyderabad is next on the list of IPL 2020 odds. In the last season of IPL, the team managed to reach the playoffs, before they were beaten by the Delhi Daredevils during the elimination rounds. If the team hosts players such as David Warner, Kane Williamson, Shakib Al Hasan, and the rising star Khaleel Ahmed, the probability of improving the outright odds might significantly increase.

Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders are other possible teams to reckon as well.

CSK won 9 out of 14 league matches. The lost the finals by 1 run in the last season. This makes them be a strong candidate in IPL 2020. They host some of the most experienced players such as  Dhoni, Raina, Bravo and Tahir.  But the team also hosts young talents as well – a key proponent that might allow them to be an integral part of the outcome of IPL 2020.

2019 wasn’t a lucky period for KKR as they missed out on playoffs as a result of low net run-rate. However, the team under the captaincy of Dinesh Karthik might perform well, only if the best talents have been procured during the auctions. This might mean that if KKR performs well, we might have undermined them in our current odds listings!

Royal Challengers don’t seem to be the ideal candidate for outright odds champions. And that is evident from their performance in the past seasons!

Blacklisted Sports Betting Sites

If we find any casino sports betting website hurting user’s sentiments, engaging in unfair practices, and offering biased services; then we take strict action on them by placing them on the backlist. Such sites will be instantly removed from our top gambling sites list.

Basically, the backlist section is for the sports betting websites that promote false deals, steal user’s money, violate copyright issues, have no valid license and certificates, and use other shady techniques.

Luckily, most websites use a fair way to approach users. They like to keep their websites as fair as possible. But there still are certain websites that are out on the internet to steal your money. Our primary goal is to find out these websites and list them on your blacklist.

Why Users Should Trust Our Sports betting Reviews?

Of course, that’s the first question any bettor would ask before trusting the reviews posted on our platform. Why should you select a casino based on our reviews? Why should you trust our reviews?

First things first, we do get a finders fee from the sports betting service providers. It is also important to note that the fee we charge is the same for all websites. We charge a flat fee to all the casinos we are listing on our website. With that being said, we have no intention of promoting a high-paying casino website over the other smaller sites. Our primary goal is to provide the users with a 100% fair review based on our and other user’s experience.

We believe in providing the users with a fair review that could actually help them get a seamless experience on the particular website. After all, this also improves our chances of receiving popularity. In short, we only write an unbiased review that’s totally based on their services.

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Betting
1. What is the best Betting Platform for Cricket?

Ans: The answer to this question isn’t the same. The best betting site can vary from player to player. It depends on what do you expect from a gambling platform. Some users are super concerned about the currency and transaction part. So, they prefer a betting site that offers multiple currencies. Others may want to register at a platform that offers different types of bets on every cricket match.
We consider a number of factors to decide which betting site will be the best for cricket fans. We combine these factors and calculate the ratings that the platform deserves. If you have certain priorities, you should try to conduct your own research. However, it is best to have a look at our reviews to get a quick insight into the basic information of the platform.

2. Is Cricket Betting Legal or Illegal in India?

Ans: The answer to this question is pretty difficult, so we’ll suggest you visit our laws and regulations page to get a better understanding of cricket gambling in India. Basically, there is no law that restricts Indians from betting on cricket. But if we consider the state-level laws, there are certain states that have declared cricket betting illegal within the state boundaries. While some states have banned betting, others have declared it legal. There also exist some in-between states that have no laws concerning sports betting. You must check with your state’s laws and regulations before engaging with any betting website. It is better to play safe.

3. What is the Best Betting Platform for Football Betting Fans?

Ans: Football is as much famous as cricket in India and other countries. There are a large number of fans that support football gambling. People, in a large number, place crazy bets on soccer on a daily basis. Since soccer is one of the popular sports across the world, you will find many sports website allowing fans to try their luck on this sport. Coming to the main question ‘which is the best betting site for football’? The answer is ‘the website that suits your requirements’. The gambling needs of the players vary significantly. Basically, reputable football betting sites will involve the popular soccer leagues around the world. You can still have a look at the betting options, payments & withdrawals, and other factors to pick the most suitable option.

4. What Refers to Bookmaker in the Context of Gambling?

Ans: A bookmaker is an individual or company that is responsible for offering different types of bets on the sports events organised around the world. Usually, they have fixed odds that will help you determine your chances of winning while placing the bet. However, these odds can sometimes be pari-mutuel (they will change depending on the previous results).
To learn more about the bookmakers, check out our guide of bookmakers in the context of sports betting. It will give you a thorough insight into the working of the bookies, their job, and how they make income.

5. Which is the Best Site for IPL Gambling?

Ans: So far, IPL (Indian Premier League) is one of the favorites and popular T20 tournaments conducted in India. All the popular betting websites that offer odds on different sports will sure have IPL on their list. With that being said, it shouldn’t be difficult for people to choose the best betting site as most of them offer IPL betting options.
For better knowledge, check out our IPL betting section. It is specifically designed for bettors who look forward to betting on their favorite IPL team. The page is updated from time to time (depending on the IPL promotions, cricket rates, type of odds, and more).

6. Are These Sports Websites as Good as Dream11?

Ans: Dream11 is all about the cricket fans who like to spend their time watching cricket and competing against other cricket fans. The competition is based on the knowledge of these contestants about cricket teams and players. No betting site we list on our platform will be similar to Dream11. However, each site will offer an intriguing betting experience to the users who are playing for real money. It is imperative to note that Dream11 is a competition held between players. On cricket betting platforms, you get a chance to wager on different sports. Dream11 allows users to set up their team of 11 players who they think will perform the best. This is often known as the fantasy cricket, where the users are supposed to decide their team rather than focusing only on who will win the match. On casual betting sites, your job is only to place a bet on a player, team, and certain odds.

7. What refers to the Free Bet?

Ans: Free bet means the users can place a wager without having to bear any risk.  It involves two variations:
a. The platform gives you a refund should you place a bet and lose it.
b. The users can place a wager using the bookie’s money. If your predictions come true, you win the amount. But, if you lose, your initial bet amount will be refunded. These two options are usually used for promoting betting websites. To attract users, betting websites offer welcome bonuses and regular promotions in the form of the free bet.

8. What are the Basic Play Through Requirements?

Ans: If the website offers $50 for the welcome bonus. The website can ask you to place at least $300 bet on the website before you could cash out the winnings. 

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