Andar Bahar – A Simple Game With Limitless Fun!

Most people would relate card games with the usual table casino games such as Rummy, Poker, Blackjack etc. All these games are fun to play with, but also need technical knowledge to play. How about a game that is simple and is still engaging in gameplay? Andar Bahar is one such game. One of the most cherished memories of players from their childhood would be the game where they piled up cards and stacked them. And when a huge pile was stacked upon, the dealer would have the chance to claim the entire stack of the pile instantly!

This is similar to playing Andar Bahar.

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    Andar Bahar is one of the most recent phenomenon which has taken the casino world by fire! The game is simple, intriguing and offers a substantial chance of winning great incentives for players – thus adds an exciting thrill to the gameplay. This guide is an all-inclusive information that is detailed around the game and its gameplay. Indians can now have the chance to play Andar Bahar with other players using real money in INR!

    Andar Bahar – The game and its origin

    Andar Bahar is a popular game that is recreationally played across various regions in India. It was originally a recreational gambling sport that was first practiced in South India and slowly became popular in the entire domain of the Indian subcontinent. The game is today played across a variety of places – however organized gaming has recently been included at the casino sites.

    There are different platforms where the game is being played, like the casinos of Goa that are licensed. However, the most accessible option for most players is online gambling! One of the best attributes of playing Andar Bahar on an online platform is the ease at which one can access the game. Be it during leisure times or during work (not recommended), one can access the game through any online casino site and can play the game on their own smartphones. All that one needs to have is a stable internet connection, a smartphone that is capable of handling gaming software, or even a laptop or desktop where one can access internet as well.

    In order for Indians to play in such gambling sites, all that they need is a debit or credit card to make deposits. Withdrawals and deposits can also be made through international e-wallets that are legally supported for transactions suited for gambling such as ‘Skrill’ or ‘MuchBetter’. The other requirements from players isn’t that complicated – anyone who is lucky and a purely good eyes for detail, can actually have an engaging time when playing the game.

    Where to play Andar Bahar with real money?

    How about investing in and making some real money with Andar Bahar? The good news is that there is a gamut of options available for players to consider and find the most suited casino site to play online Andar Bahar.

    Spinsvilla offers all players an exclusive review that details out all the essential parameters of an ideal casino for players, when considering their ideal casino site for playing the game.  We have made the effort to review all the sites and detail out all the parameters that help players make a decision as to finding the best platform for an engaging play. It is similar to reviewing a report card – where every casino site is reviewed and ranked to allow players identify the necessary parameters in a short and crisp manner. All the reviews are of casinos that are verified and legal.

    However, to play the game in one of these casino sites, players will have to register on the site as well. When registration, it is mandatory for players to enter their basic credentials ie name of the player, email id, postal address and also all the other important details that are used for identification purpose, to withdraw real money and profits.

    Post registration, all that players need to do is to deposit money in their account using any one of the available transactional methods and lo behold! – you are good to go!

    Sportsbet Andar Bahar
    Where to play Andar Bahar

    Legality of playing Andar Bahar?

    Gambling laws are restricted to the domains of land based establishments in India. That means, the laws of the Government of India is restricted to establishments set up on land. However, they are not adhered to establishments that are based on water (or sea) and thus, provides players with the opportunity to gamble legally as well. Another major advantage of online casinos is that there are no laws governing online gambling sites in India. There are detailed pages online that also describe the legality of gambling and online playing in India.

     How to Play Andar Bahar Game? 

    The rules of the game are pretty much simple: it requires players to place their desired cards on the left deck (Andar) or on the right deck (Bahar). There are 50 – 50 chances of winning for all players and most games usually involve a deck of cards (usually single) that are dealt among players. The dealer who deals the card makes a cut at the deck and reveals the card to the players. Now players have the option to place bets on Andar or on Bahar, thus prophesizing whether or not the next unrevealed card has the same face value.

    This can be explained with a short scenario where a dealer cuts a deck with a card owning a face value of 5. Players will now have to bet on either Andar or Bahar. Now the dealer starts dealing card on both the slots consecutively. If a card that has the same face value of 5 falls on either of the slots (Andar or Bahar), all players who made the right selection win and double their profits. All players who choose the wrong side, lose.

    The dealer when dealing cards after the cut on the deck, starts doing so by checking the suite of the revealed card. If it’s a black suite, then the dealer starts dealing from Andar. If its red, then the dealer starts dealing from Bahar.

    How to place Bets while playing Andar Bahar

    The dealer first asks players to select cards out of the deck. This is followed by the dealer dealing cards on either side, i.e., both Andar and Bahar. The dealt cards need to match with the value of the card that has been selected by the player. The dealing of the card is not followed in a random fashion. When the deck is cut, the suite of the card decides from where the dealing of the card begins. i.e., if the revealed card was a spade or a clover, then the dealing is started off from Andar (left spot). If the revealed card is a Diamond or a Heart then dealing is started from Bahar (right spot). Some gameplay might see that the choice of allowing players to select cards against the dealer is allowed in some rounds of the gameplay.

    The game continues till players have incurred a certain range of losses. The results and the amount of profits depends on the number of cards that are matched and not the suite of the cards.

    How to Increase the Betting Amount on Online platforms?

    Most online platforms offer the chance to click on a chip that has a value higher than the current ongoing betting value. The player simply needs to click and select the new card of choice for the betting as well.

     Option for Additional Bets

    Some gameplay offer additional betting in Andar Bahar. Under this, the player needs to place bets by clicking on chips, prior to selecting their card. This is done prior to the dealing of the cards by the dealer and is left under the knowledge of the dealer.

     Minimum and Maximum Limits

    There is a minimum as well as a maximum limit that could be placed as bet on the table. Players have the opportunity to place bets that could be as minimum as ₹20 and could even go to the maximum limits of ₹10,000 as well. 

    Andar Bahar Payouts

    The payouts that are offered to the player depends largely on the lucky guesses that the player needs to make and the accuracy at which he or she selects the right matching card. If it appears on the same side as the one where first dealt card appears, it is considered a success and payout is 90 percent. Hence if bet amount was 100 in Indian rupees then payout would be 190 Indian rupees. However, if the chosen card is found on the other side, payout becomes 100 percent. Hence, with the same bet amount, the winnings are 200 rupees.

    Andar Bahar Payout

    A payout of 90% is offered if the card chosen by the player shows up on the same side from where the 1st drawn card was dealt. If the card does not falls on the same side, then a 100% payout is offered.

    Bet (INR)Card on the same side Card on the other side

    Play Andar Bahar on Live Platforms

    A wide range of players visit a lot many Indian casinos to play their most favourite games. This is also entailed with the fact that all these players have different expectations and needs. Thus, they require different gameplays when playing Andar Bahar. The game can be accessed under 2 categorical platforms: Live and virtual video platforms.

    Live Andar Bahar

    This form of gameplay is similar to most live casino games: i.e. a real life dealer is involved with the gameplay who looks after the dealing requirements in the game. However, players need not be physically present at the venue to play the game. All they need to do is to have a stable internet connection and access a High Definition live streaming of the casino table and the dealer over on their smartphones or desktops.

    What adds to the thrill is that some platforms allow live virtual chatting with the dealer as well. Thus, it adds to the overall thrill of gaming as like playing in real life too!

    Video Andar Bahar

    Another possible option to experience the game is by playing its video  version. These games are identical to table casino games that are available at most online sites. There are no live dealers involved with the game and players might in seldom have the chance to interact with other players as well. The game is run over an online software that is licensed and authenticated for unbiased gaming.

    Play Andar Bahar Live

    How to play Andar Bahar with real money as well as for free?

    Andar Bahar is quite an intriguing game that offers a great chance to win substantially, while having fun with it as well. However, it can be quite beneficial if beginners can get a taste of the game beforehand. And thus, many online sites provide demo versions of the game where no real money is invested (however, no withdrawals can be made as well).

    Spinsvilla has enlisted a clear review of all the Indian casino sites that offer Andar Bahar. Our reviews include all the details regarding customer care services, payment options, withdrawal limits and periods and many more categories that allow players to make a sound decision when selecting the right Indian casino site. Visit the sites to have an enriching experience, today!