Goa Casino Operation Stalled for 6 Months

Indian casinos to be established in the state of Goa, have been asked by the state government to come back in another 6 months, to discuss their legal operations in the state.

Last Wednesday was a disappointing day for all the 6 floating casinos, those that have been asked to stall their operations on the Mandori river. The floating casinos already had been issued with a 6-month stay in their execution that had expired on March 31st. This extension has pushed the deadline until September 30.

The issue of executing operations of floating casinos has always been a problem for a decade now. Local residents have constantly been opposing the operation of floating casinos in the local rivers, while the state government has been finding out ways to allow the casinos to run their business in some way. Most of the casinos have to then establish their premises as a land-based casino establishment.

Last October witnessed the capital city of Panaji claiming the non-renewal of licenses of these floating casinos, post their deadline on March 31. The local MLA from Panaji, Antanasio Monserrate, has promised to continue to strive for the relocation of these casinos to land-based establishments, to meet the demands of the local residents. However, the city of Panaji has yet to comment on the proceedings of March 31.

The recent case of the epidemic saw the closure of all the 6-ship board operations, as well as the land-based casino establishments, in the state of Goa. This was an attempt by the government of India to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

Casino operators have decided to make relief funds available to cleanse their tarnished reputation among state dwellers. A sum of Rs. 5.1 million (US $66,600) was donated in cash by the Casino Pride Group and even offered free food to the local police at their restaurants. The Deltin Group has made a similar attempt in providing a relief fund of Rs. 5.1 million as well. Both the casinos have been taking steps to look after their employees’ needs as well for some foreign guests staying at their hotel premises.

As the lockdown in the country comes to an end on May 3, there is a seemingly possible chance of its extension as well. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be conducting a video conference with all the state government chief ministers on April 27 to discuss this. 

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