Clermont Club, London to Re-open!

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Clermont Club, a luxury casino establishment in London is all set to reopen this summer.

Founded in 1962, the Clermont was John Aspinall’s brain-child and soon became a top-notch Mayfair centre for the elite crowd of London. Aspinall’s bequest gaming establishment is owned by Crown Resorts, Australia.

Clermont is known as the iconic place where the idea of private equity investment was devised by some influential people. The Clermont Club went through controversies. Soon it was acquired by Rank Group, another casino operator from the UK. It was then sold in 2006 for £31m. Later, Quek, a Malaysian billionaire bought the Clermont. Post-acquisition; it was renamed as Guoco Leisure.

The new hotel that was launched by Quek in 2013 was inspired by the name of Clermont Club. This was just two years after Guoco took over Rank. It wasn’t too long before Quek shut the doors of the Clermont in 2018. This came as a blow as the establishment was experiencing big losses. In 2017, Clermont suffered £5m losses. The growing competitive market was among the reasons for its downfall. Based out of the iconic location, Leicester Square, the Horizons in London is operated by the Mayfair Casinos Ltd.

In May 2019, the Mayfair Casinos Ltd purchased the Clermont for £23m. The latest update from Clermont indicates that their doors are now open. There current structure set to reopen this summer is said to have six rooms across three floors dedicated to gaming. The top floor will be dedicated to private gaming. In his recent statement to the media, the Director of the Clermont, Dino Constantouris said that this phase of the undertaking was expected to set to a benchmark in the hospitality industry.

Along with its structural refurbishment, the Clermont is in the process of recruiting new staff to run it. Managers and pit bosses are being hired to make it operational. As the buzz goes, the new staff will be tested on their performance in their respective roles and will be required to meet the standards of the Club.